Welcome to my user page!

I am Iván Hernández Cazorla, but you can call me just Iván or Ivanhercaz, my user name. I am a passionated historian interested in the Digital Humanities, so History and Digital Humanities are both the fields in which I research. I am very interested in Semantic MediaWiki because I think this set of extensions make the MediaWiki installations a powerful tool for different purposes.

How I contribute? Well, I tried to improve the translation of the SMW software (in GitHub and and wiki. I also contribute in some "code-tasks", like I did with some pull requests that I made for Stragula, the new skin.

I contribute in many other projects, like Wikipedia and Wikidata. I will tell you more about it soon, because at the end, all seems to be connected!

Well, in the future I will improve this user page, but at this moment I only wanted to have a blue link in my signature and not the read :).