Developing SMW (extensions)

SMWCon Fall 2012
Developing SMW (extensions)
Talk details
Description: An introduction to how to develop Semantic MediaWiki and extensions
Speaker(s): Jeroen De Dauw
Slides: see here
Type: Technical talk
Audience: Developers, Community
Event start: 24 Oct 2012 14:30
Event finish: 24 Oct 2012 15:00
Length: 30 minutes
Video: click here
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In this talk I will introduce you to how Semantic MediaWiki (extension) development is done. This is a must attend for everyone doing such development already or those who are interested in getting involved. Since it's a technical talk, it's not really geared towards the casual wiki user, but everyone is welcome. The goal of the talk is to give you some overview of what's going on, what resources are available and what best practices you ought to be following.

Covered topics[edit]

  • Quick introduction to MediaWiki development
  • SMWs extension points
  • Creating, publishing and maintaining SMW extensions
  • Writing result formats
  • Writing data values
  • Writing form inputs
  • Where to find documentation and find further help


I will adjust the talk to the technical depth and knowledge of the subjects at hand of the audience.

What you should know in advance
  • Basic usage of MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki
  • An understanding of programming and the development process in general
Good to have an idea of
  • PHP and JavaScript
  • Basic MediaWiki development