Current plans and next steps for RDFIO

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SMWCon Spring 2014Current plans and next steps for RDFIO
SMWCon Spring 2014
Current plans and next steps for RDFIO
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Speaker(s): Ali King, Joel Sachs, Samuel Lampa
Type: Technical talk
Length: minutes
Video: not available
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The RDFIO extension was developed as a Google Summer of Code project to facilitate import of existing RDF data sources into Semantic MediaWiki. We are now building on this to integrate the extension with SMW templates, improve usability and generality, and co-ordinate with other developments where possible.

This short talk on the previous development and current plans for the extension will be followed by questions and discussion. This will include the potential use of Lua/Scribunto, co-ordination with the WikiData RDF model, and use case scenarios.

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