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SMWCon Fall 2015
SMW for citizen science, some examples and perspectives
Talk details
Description: Experiences with SMW for 'citizen science', crowd sourcing structured scientific data. The success of SEQwiki and other less successful projects. Plans and perspectives on 'crowd computing'.
Speaker(s): Dan Bolser
Type: Talk, Technical talk, Presentation
Audience: Community, Academics, New users
Length: 25 minutes
Video: not available
Keywords: citizen science
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SMW for citizen science, some examples and perspectives[edit]

In this talk I'll cover my experience and plans regarding the use of SMW to build wikis for 'citizen science', allowing a 'crowd' of users to enter structured scientific data. I'll talk about the successful SEQwiki project, and some other less successful projects I've worked on. I'll finish with some plans and perspectives on 'crowd computing'.

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