Daniel Kinzler

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Name  Kinzler
First name  Daniel
Job title  Principal Engineer
Email  dkinzler@fastmail.com
Photo  Daniel Kinzler.jpg
Agenda Picture  Daniel Kinzler square.jpg
Social links  https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:DKinzler_(WMF)


About me  I'm a principal engineer on the platform engineering team at the Wikimedia foundation. I have been working on MediaWiki since 2005.
Publish?  Yes

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Talk Other SMWCon TalksDescriptionEvent
Untangling MediaWikiHow WMF is going about modernizing the MediaWiki code baseSMWCon Fall 2021
Using the Wikidata APIAn introduction to the Wikidata APISMWCon Fall 2013
Hands-on session 3. Wikidata programmingA tutorial showing you how to use Wikidata to enrich data in your wikiSMWCon Fall 2013