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smartMediaWikiExtending Semantic Media Wiki in smart waysSMWCon Spring 2015
How to get your bug fixed in MediaWikiUsing a bug in MediaWiki that Internet Explorer exposed -- a bug that was initially dismissed as only affecting VisualEditor for IE -- I'll show how I found the solution and managed to get it applied to core MediaWiki.SMWCon Spring 2015
SMWCon Spring 2015The 11th conference brought together developers, users, and organizations from the Semantic MediaWiki community around the world.SMWCon Spring 2015
How to make a basic parser functionA simplified approach to show people how to build parser functionsSMWCon Spring 2015
Quantifying AccountabilityQuantifying accountability in MediaWiki to pinpoint weaknesses, improve quality, and engage more usersSMWCon Spring 2015
Page ownership in MediaWikiA discussion of how users can be allowed to "own" pages, i.e. restrict editing by others, in MediaWiki, and what more can be done.SMWCon Spring 2015
What can the SMW Community Learn from Other Open-Source Communities?What can we learn from others successes, workflows, and culture?SMWCon Spring 2015
smartMediaWikiWorkshopSMWCon Spring 2015
The Why and How of Wiki FarmsI will discuss what has motivated us to craft a repeatable process for creating a wiki farm and will present a "how to" for creating your own wiki farm.SMWCon Spring 2015
Skepticism with Scientific Wikis - The Strengths and WeaknessesSkepticism plays a crucial role in the sciences. Scientists are trained to question. But, what are the strengths and weaknesses of skepticism in launching a wiki designed for and by a scientific community. We'll present our experience with the applied geophysical community and its wiki, the SEG Wiki.SMWCon Spring 2015
Cargo and the future of SMWAn explanation and demonstration of the new Cargo extension, and what it may mean for SMW users and developers.SMWCon Spring 2015
SNPedia build stepsThe downloads and commands that build SNPedia.comSMWCon Spring 2015
So you want to write an SMW extensionthoughts on creating and maintaining SMW-based extensions that will be useful to yourself and (hopefully) others, from a semi-technical perspective.SMWCon Spring 2015
SMW Grammars & VariablesA presentation of the forthcoming SMWOntologies extension which instruments SMW for query variables and multilingual property values.SMWCon Spring 2015
Introduction to Semantic ConceptsWhat does Semantic mean? What are triples? How do I query data? ...SMWCon Spring 2015
SMW in the OfficePresents an implementation of basic office functionality in an SMW installation.SMWCon Spring 2015
Introduction to Semantic MediaWikiAn overview of the history, theory and implementation of Semantic MediaWiki.SMWCon Spring 2015
The Growth of a Semantic Wiki Inside a Large Healthcare OrganizationTo let others interested in the use of Semantic MediaWiki understand how one industry - non-profit healthcare - is using the idea of the semantic web to better document and share information.SMWCon Spring 2014
ProvenanceBee - Tracking Semantic Content and its Provenance in Semantic MediaWiki InstallationsThis talk is about a system that presents summaries of detailed semantic activity in Semantic MediaWiki installations.SMWCon Spring 2014
Science through Semantic WikisSemantic wikis offer an alternative to organizing scientific knowledge. Several semantic wikis are currently in use in a variety of scientific domains. The goal of this session is to understand the motivations and benefits of using semantic wikis for science.SMWCon Spring 2014
A Resource To Support Multilingual Legal LiteracyThis will be a brief PowerPoint presentation to solicit questions and suggestions with regard to the utilization of Semantic MediaWiki as part of a project to support multilingual "legal literacy."SMWCon Spring 2014
Collaborative Analytics: Where Groups Collaborate with Semantic VisualizationsOur SMW wikis are converging on a requirement for groups to work together where the objects of interest are highly interconnected and where visualization can help decision-makers see patterns and gaps.SMWCon Spring 2014
SMW for Scientific Literature ManagementDuring this session we will demonstrate how a SMW-based system can be used for scientific literature management.SMWCon Spring 2014
Open Data and SMWThis talk explores the burgeoning open data movement, how SMW can be used to organize open data, and how it was implemented in New York City, with a preview of how it will be implemented nationally in the USA.SMWCon Spring 2014
Next steps for RDFIOSMWCon Spring 2014
Wikidata and what it means for SMWThis keynote talk will given an overview of Wikidata and the underlying MediaWiki extension Wikibase, and it will discuss the impact that these developments have on SMW.SMWCon Spring 2014
Porting wikis to semantic wikisWhat are the best strategies, first steps to bring semantic to existing wikis?SMWCon Spring 2014
SMW, Semantic Web and Wikidata Q&AA semi-structured Q&A with potential hands-on elements enabling participants to better understand and apply these technologies.SMWCon Spring 2014
What Semantic Forms won't doAn overview of the commonly-requested features for Semantic Forms that won't be implemented, at least in the foreseeable future.SMWCon Spring 2014
Current plans and next steps for RDFIOSMWCon Spring 2014
A beginner's guide to using Semantic MediawikiSMWCon Spring 2014
Community discussionTraditional SMWCon feedback session for all participantsSMWCon Spring 2014
SMWCon Spring 2014The 9th conference brings together developers, users, and organizations from the Semantic MediaWiki community around the world.SMWCon Spring 2014
SMW stories, real and imagined, from at least three geoscience wikisI will share some of the applications of SMW I've been experimenting with, and plan to experiment with.SMWCon Spring 2014
A MediaWiki Consortium: What we're doing and how you can get involvedThe Wikimedia Foundation has contracted with my partner and I to start a MediaWiki organization that would be focused on non-WMF uses of MediaWiki. In this talk, I'll try to explain what problems we're trying to address and get the SMW community's input.SMWCon Spring 2014
Expressing complex data in SMW - Lessons learned from building a botanical knowledge portalSMWCon Spring 2014
An Interactive Knowledge Sharing platform for Scientific Organization and Research Activities ManagementThis talk illustrates the potential use of Semantic Mediawiki in organizing the research activities and scientific contributions within research teams. Sharing scientific knowledge among team members, reusing and dynamically generating content based on user requirements are the main objectives of this talk.SMWCon Spring 2014
NATO's Use of SMW for Enterprise ArchitectureNATO's Allied Command Transformation has developed a tool and repository for Enterprise Architecture by using SMW for the definition of a data model in a so-called Enterprise Mapping Wiki. This presentation will provide a overview of the structure, development, and capabilities.SMWCon Spring 2014
Using the Miga Data ViewerA talk and demo for the Miga Data Viewer, including its features, its current usage, and its place within the SMW "ecosystem".SMWCon Spring 2014
Expressing complex data in SMW: Lessons learned from building a botanical knowledge portalSMWCon Spring 2014
Wiki-NLP TutorialSMWCon Spring 2014
Using SMW to characterize a new hospital challengesIn the context of the planning and execution of the transition of a 3-sites merged hospitals into its brand new designed and built facility, SMW was implemented to facilitate the change process. SMW was used to help the teams and the organization to capture critical knowledge to help their transition towards their new facility. The presenters were at the forefront of the SMW implementation. In this case where the change magnitude for the operations and the whole organization were extraordinary, the presenters who were at the forefront of this work share their experience, lessons learned, and remaining questions. What are the critical things to put in place to ensure buy-in, motivation and confidence, in order to help teams adapt to an agile approach, prototyping and collective working to renew themselves?SMWCon Spring 2014
Semantic MediaWiki Farm Infrastructure for Multi-Organizational SharingWe recently deployed a wiki farm on the MITRE Partnership Network to support collaboration among MITRE and its partners. This talk will discuss the technical aspects of the infrastructure and the deployment process.SMWCon Spring 2014
Cirkipedia - Cirque du Soleil's own WikiBackground: with over 2500 songs in its catalogue, Cirque du Soleil needs a tool to document artistic aspects of each and every song.SMWCon Spring 2014
ArchEDiscussion & demo of ArchE, our enterprise infrastructure architecture repository used to track relationships between architecture definitions, patterns, and building blocks.SMWCon Spring 2013
Current status and next steps for SMWThe yearly "what has happened and what are we currently working on" talkSMWCon Spring 2013
MediaWiki APIGet that data while it's still freshSMWCon Spring 2013
Semantic MediaWiki: An IntroductionSMWCon Spring 2013
Upgrading SMWA look at OpenEI's migration from SMW 1.5 to 1.8, applied to over 56k pages.SMWCon Spring 2013
DevOpsA development and operations (DevOps) system using SMW for configuration and visualization.SMWCon Spring 2013
SMW consultingThoughts on the MediaWiki and SMW consulting business.SMWCon Spring 2013
Semantic BundleSMWCon Spring 2013
Smarter WikisPresenting the Semantic Assistants Wiki-NLP integration architecture for automatically deriving SMW metadata from wiki contents through Natural Language Processing (NLP) and its application in the IntelliGenWiki for genomics research as well as the ReqWiki system for Software Requirements Engineering.SMWCon Spring 2013
SMW and NYCOrganizing the City's Open Data, Demo of, the high-resolution semantic wiki of NYC.SMWCon Spring 2013
SMW+ Extensions RoadmapA tour of how best to preserve & reuse each of the SMW extensions created by (now-defunct) Ontoprise under Project Halo. (Remote talk)SMWCon Spring 2013
Clay Shirky Introvideo recording combines Clay's intro and Denny's presentation, with a joint Q&A session at the end. Note that viewers can skip to the appropriate point by clicking on the timecode in Vimeo.SMWCon Spring 2013
WorkshopLive building of a Semantic MediaWIki: data structure, forms, templates using NYC Open DataSMWCon Spring 2013
SMWCon Spring 2013SMWCon brings together developers, users, and organizations from the Semantic MediaWiki community around the world.SMWCon Spring 2013
Using SMW in University CoursesAbout upper-level undergrad philosophy courses using SMW to provide students with collaboration opportunities, resources, self-directed learning.SMWCon Spring 2013
"Data is data" and the future of data browsingToward a unified theory of data browsing, and what it means for SMW's browsing functionality, including Semantic Drilldown and others.SMWCon Spring 2013
Workshop 2Live customization of a Semantic MediaWiki: CSS, jQuery, Result formats.SMWCon Spring 2013
Beyond SemanticHow to turn SMW into a complete Geographic Information SystemSMWCon Spring 2013
New features in Maps and Semantic MapsSMWCon Spring 2013
Modeling an Enterprise Architecture with SMWMy colleagues and I at Cogeco Cable, Montreal, Canada, have been using SMW to model our application, data and business process architectures and mapping them to a telecom industry reference architecture called Frameworx.SMWCon Spring 2013
Wikidata and SMWhi-res gotomeeting recording of Denny's Keynote and slide deck. Joint Q&A can be found in the Introduction.SMWCon Spring 2013
Making Complex Data Interactive with SMWDemo of OpenEI, the 56,000+ page semantic wiki sponsored by the US Department of Energy, focused on a recent endeavor to store geothermal energy data within the SMW structureSMWCon Spring 2013
Semantic Result FormatsAn overview of all the awesome new features in Semantic Result Formats 1.8/1.9SMWCon Spring 2013
Automating SMW install and data loading3 codes to install, read, and write to a SMWSMWCon Spring 2013
SMWCon Spring 2012The 5th conference on Semantic MediaWiki (SMWCon) brings together developers, users, and organizations from the semantic wiki community around the world.SMWCon Spring 2012
SMWCon Spring 2011The 3rf conference on Semantic MediaWiki (SMWCon) brings together developers, users, and organizations from the semantic wiki community around the world.SMWCon Spring 2011
SMWCon Spring 2010The 1st conference on Semantic MediaWiki (SMWCon) brings together developers, users, and organizations from the semantic wiki community around the world.SMWCon Spring 2010
Smwcon fall 2023SMWCon Fall 2023
SMWCon Fall 2023SMWCon Fall 2023
Management of Process Requirements with Semantic MediaWiki: experience in software engineering industry.The presentation discusses the use of Semantic MediaWiki to manage process requirements in the context of a software development company. The use of SMW allows the easy integration of process requirements defined in different software engineering standards within a Process Reference Model (PRM) based on the tailoring of the ECSS standards for VSEs (Very Small Entities) developed by different entities (ESA, CNES, DLR, JAXA, etc.)SMWCon Fall 2023
The Glossary Jigsaw: Unraveling Overlapping Terms from Diverse SourcesThis talk highlights the effective utilization of Semantic MediaWiki to streamline and harmonize complex glossaries sourced from diverse origins, mitigating the challenges posed by overlapping or identical glossary terms.SMWCon Fall 2023
Introduction of WikiGuardWikiGuard is an extension that implements policy based access control for wikis. In this talk WikiGuard will be explained and demonstrated. The purpose of the talk is to have a first step towards a good access control system for wikis.SMWCon Fall 2022
Coffee breakSMWCon Fall 2022
Work of the Wikimedia API platform teamSMWCon Fall 2022
ReplicationWiki - Massive expansion & use for webinarThe ReplicationWiki is undergoing a massive expansion and for the first time is used as a forum for a webinar series. The use case and experience with technical tools and challenges are presented.SMWCon Fall 2022
Search form improvementsThe standard Semantic MediaWiki search form is too complicated for average users, both for those setting up SMWs but especially for those who just use them. It should be relatively easy to adjust it to make it more user friendly.SMWCon Fall 2022
SMW en linked dataSMWCon Fall 2022
Wikidata Synchronization for the CEUR-WS publishing platform use caseData synchronization between Wikidata and SMW on the CEUR-WS use case.SMWCon Fall 2022
Break-outs with discussion and feedbackSMWCon Fall 2022
Open CSPSession about Open CSP. Hosted by Jeroen Blijsie. This session will consist of presentations, a demonstration and discussion in break-outs. The details of this session will be explained at the start by our facilitator.SMWCon Fall 2022
Automating Knowledge Intensive ProcessesIn this talk, we will show how knowledge-intensive business processes can be documented and automated through the symbiosis of SMW and a BPMN-workflow engine.SMWCon Fall 2022
Snack breakSMWCon Fall 2022
OpenSemanticLab - SMW for Science and R&DOpen Semantic Lab is a SMW-based holistic web platform that can capture all data and ideas and link them precisely (semantically/ontology-based) - no matter if it' s inventory (LIMS), lab notes (ELN), procedures (SOPs) or research (KB). Each piece of information can also be machine-read, blockchain-signed and written to automatically transfer (Lab 4.0) and analyze (AI) measurement data. As an open system, Open Semantic Lab can be easily adapted with little to none programming knowledge without losing the uniform structure. In this way, we can contribute to everyone's knowledge individually and yet in a standardized way.SMWCon Fall 2022
Conference dinnerThe conference dinner is at Humphreys ( Fall 2022
Lunch break FridaySMWCon Fall 2022
Publishing architecture models as linked data with SMWThis presentation explains how to publish architecture models created with the ArchiMate open standard for enterprise architecture modelling as truly reusable linked data using SMW and open vocabularies. ArchiMate is an open standard for modelling enterprise information architecture. In a previous SMWCon we have presented an extension for importing ArchiMate models into SMW, with every architecture element and relation represented by a wiki page. In this presentation we explain how we can publish this architecture knowledge to a linked data repository. One of the key aspects of publishing linked data is to align the data with one or more public vocabularies to make it truly reusable.SMWCon Fall 2022
pyMediaWikiDockerPython controlled mediawiki docker application cluster installationSMWCon Fall 2022
MediaWiki 1.39 LTS is comingSMWCon Fall 2022
Tea break 1SMWCon Fall 2022
ConfIDent - a SMW-powered platform for academic eventsConfIDent makes descriptive metadata on conferences and other formats of scientific events permanently accessible in a high quality through automated processes and scientific data curating.SMWCon Fall 2022
Open CSP demoDemo of Open CSPSMWCon Fall 2022
SMWCon Fall 2022SMWCon Fall 2022
Lunch break ThursdaySMWCon Fall 2022
Datafication of juridical texts in real estateIn the datafication of juridical texts in real estate we combine a complete round-trip set of semantic web technogies. We built a skos-based taxonomy to organize the knowledge we derive from the text models and translate that knowledge into an ontology. The result is an rdf-a document that contains all the relevant data that conforms to the ontology and is self-explaining by the taxonomy.SMWCon Fall 2022
SMW and linked data for federation of government standards and architectureDutch guideliness and knowledge about Enterprise Architecture as well as use of standards is disseminated in distinct sectors with their own SMW. Using linked data, we facilitate sectors to make use of national information.SMWCon Fall 2022
WelcomeSMWCon Fall 2022
Open CSP launchOpen CSP is the open source framework that turns the MediaWiki platform into a powerful Enterprise ready workspace. This talk is about Open CSP and the launch of Open CSP as it becomes available today.SMWCon Fall 2022
An Open CSP communitySMWCon Fall 2022
What's new in Page Forms and the restHighlights of recent additions to extensions including Page Forms, Page Schemas and External DataSMWCon Fall 2022
MWStake Community ServicesOur project "MWStake Community Services" pursues the goal of providing coherent, consistent, relevant and up-to-date information, tools and services for third-party MediaWiki users.SMWCon Fall 2022
TutorialsTutorials provide hands-on guidance for specific topics.SMWCon Fall 2022
The Wikitext Parsing worldIn future versions of MediaWiki parsing is going to change. This talk consists of a short presentation about the current situation and the opportunity to ask questions. The basicsSMWCon Fall 2022
ClosingSMWCon Fall 2022
KeynoteSelena Deckelmann is the Chief Product and Technology Officer at the Wikimedia Foundation. She will discuss her role and what she sees in the future for MediaWiki and other Wikimedia software.SMWCon Fall 2022
Linked Data with SMWThe next SMW release will include and other vocabularies ready for re-use. The tutorial will cover aspects of linking to external data sources, re-using external vocabularies, and providing identifiers to be used to link to your own wiki.SMWCon Fall 2022
SMW + Canasta and the State of CanastaHow Canasta + SMW work together. The latest updates from the Canasta Project. Information on future development of Canasta.SMWCon Fall 2022
HackathonDuring the hackathon developers will try to solve some issues that have been brought up.SMWCon Fall 2022
Lunch breakSMWCon Fall 2022
FlexForm and PageSync updateFlexForm is the forms extension that is part of Open CSP. This is a short tutorial about things that are new or have changed.SMWCon Fall 2022
Coffee break FridaySMWCon Fall 2022
Break3SMWCon Fall 2021
OTTR (Reasonable Ontology Templates) ExtensionOur extension implements the ontology modeling patterns language OTTR into SMW, allowing the definition and instantiation of patterns by users, supporting the most common OTTR features.SMWCon Fall 2021
WMF Content Transform Team activitiesWhere are we in the goal to replacing the legacy wikitetx parser with the new Parsoid project? What future features will this unlock? What does the transition mean for SMW? Short presentation followed by Q&A.SMWCon Fall 2021
Keynote talkWhy NASA uses Semantic Mediawiki (and why you should too)SMWCon Fall 2021
IntroductionOverview of the conferenceSMWCon Fall 2021
Enterprise MediaWiki: State of the EcosystemThe current state of development and usage of "Enterprise MediaWiki" - MediaWiki as used by businesses and organizations.SMWCon Fall 2021
MediaWiki and Docker - discussionHalf-day workshop on using MediaWiki and DockerSMWCon Fall 2021
Semantic MediaWiki 4 and Other NewsYou will learn about recent developments in the Semantic MediaWiki project, including the upcoming SMW 4.0 release.SMWCon Fall 2021
Semantic-wiki as a data curation system helping in structuring CMC knowledgeSMWCon Fall 2021
SMW Multipage Spreadsheet EditingIn a semantic mediawiki pages often have 1:n relations such as event series and event. Editing such a setup is tedious because each page needs to be modified individually. A much more natural approach would be to have a spreadsheet editing capability. In this talk we present a solution based on the python libraries created in the ConfIDent project.SMWCon Fall 2021
Open Content Services PlatformOpen CSP in short is envisioned to be the MediaWiki based foundation for knowledge and productivity platforms. This talk is about Open CSP and the ideas behind it.SMWCon Fall 2021
Flexible workflows with BlueSpice 4 and SMWBlueSpice 4 will introduce a new workflow engine. The talk explores it's possibilities in relation to Semantic MediaWiki.SMWCon Fall 2021
Using Docker in Dev, Production and AWSHow can you use Docker containers to develop MediaWiki in a way that is compatible with production environments including hosting on Amazon Web Services (AWS)SMWCon Fall 2021
The Ouroboros project: setting up Semantic Medical GuidelinesThe content of multidisciplinary modular guidelines shall be trustworthy, unambiguous and consistent and therefore are well suited for the introduction of Semantic Web Technology to manage these crucial facets of medical knowledge management.SMWCon Fall 2021
BreakSMWCon Fall 2021
MediaWiki and DockerHalf-day workshop on using MediaWiki with DockerSMWCon Fall 2021
Down the rabbit hole with templates (and graphviz)I share my methods for building lots of templates and welcome you to share your practices. In particular I zoom in on the use case for Graphviz.SMWCon Fall 2021
Untangling MediaWikiHow WMF is going about modernizing the MediaWiki code baseSMWCon Fall 2021
HochN Wiki - Building a collaborative knowledge platform for Sustainability in Higher EducationThe HochN-Wiki is a collaborative knowledge platform aiming to support the work for Sustainable Higher Education. I report on the basic use of the wiki, the current state of building the community around it and also its unlikely emergence as a major outcome of the project itself, as there was zero funding planned for it in the initial project proposal.SMWCon Fall 2021
SMW User SurveyThe results of the SMW user survey will be presented.SMWCon Fall 2021
Club fan page to hold statistics and historyHow to use Semantic Mediawiki to aggregate Clubs statistics and their players numbers.SMWCon Fall 2021
Content Services Platform - why it is important for you
  • Why do I care about a Content Services Platform (CSP)?
  • How does MediaWiki support CSP's?
  • SMWCon Fall 2021
    Skin Components with MediaWikiMaintainable and flexible interfaces with Skin ComponentsSMWCon Fall 2021
    A Smart Guide to Preferred FormatsThe Dutch Digital Heritage Network has developed an online tool - based on SMW - that helps archives and heritage organisations to formulate their policy on file formats. It builds a knowledge base, via a smart combination of codification of formats on one hand and personalisation of tailor made policies on the other. For creating the tool we linked different sources, like Wikidata, Pronom, NARA Risk Matrix and COPTR. Reusing information from different sources is an important starting point, but linking different sources also gives lots of challenges. This talk will explain how the online tool's construction and use of the tool by the target audience.SMWCon Fall 2021
    Break2SMWCon Fall 2021
    4 wikis in health careI could talk about any of the 4 wikis I run, about something we have set up on them (one is used for scheduling shifts, on another we have regular importing and exporting from Access, another has a role based documentation and onboarding mechanism, etc.) The oldest started in 2009.SMWCon Fall 2021
    SMW used for conceptual alignment of Digital Transformation ProjectsDigital transformation projects require a shared understanding of the domain in scope to align the different parties involved. We propose to use a semantic knowledge graph to achieve this. The SMW is used as editor for the required ontologies, the business practice templates and the instances of the enterprise model. SMW synchronizes semantic data into a triple-db. We explain and show how such a use case can be modeled. We show how the semantic model can be explored with an intuitive user interface using external apps.SMWCon Fall 2021
    SMWCon Fall 2021The 18th conference on Semantic MediaWiki (SMWCon) brings together developers, users and organizations from the semantic wiki community around the world.SMWCon Fall 2021
    WMF API PlatformDescription of the API Platform, including some historical context, some architectural thoughts, and how adding functionality to a MediaWiki installation via services is a valid path, both for WMF and non-WMF installations.SMWCon Fall 2021
    Decommissioning Core Ontology as basis also for SMW applicationsAs part of the H2020 project PLEIADES, we have developed a core ontology for the decommissioning of complex facilities. This will be the basis for connecting various softwares together, on our side this will be SMW.SMWCon Fall 2021
    Backend infrastructure experience exchange e.g. SqlStore, Elasticsearch, Blazegraph, Virtuoso, JenaPanel discussionSMWCon Fall 2020
    Keynote: From Semantic Wikipedia to Abstract WikipediaFifteen years ago, Semantic Wikipedia was first proposed. This was the starting point for the development of both Semantic MediaWiki and Wikidata. This year, the Wikimedia Foundation is starting a new project, Abstract Wikipedia. The overarching goal of all these projects is to make knowledge more accessible and easier to work with - to allow more people to share in more knowledge in more languages.SMWCon Fall 2020
    Knowledge Management in Austrian government institutionsSMW powers a knowledge platform for the topic of knowledge management in the public sectorSMWCon Fall 2020
    The Embassy of Good Science - SMW powered portal for research ethics and integrityThe goal of The Embassy of Good Science is to promote research integrity among all those involved in research. The platform is open to anyone willing to learn or support others in fostering understanding and awareness around Good Science.SMWCon Fall 2020
    The Vienna History Wiki - a knowledge graph of historical factsAfter seven years of running the Vienna History Wiki, we will share insights into the way Semantic MediaWiki has influenced the work on Vienna's historical facts.SMWCon Fall 2020
    Coffee Break - Day 2Let's have a short break in the coffee house.SMWCon Fall 2020
    MediaWiki Experts BlogBuilding bridges between the many subprojects around MediaWikiSMWCon Fall 2020
    Practical introduction to using SMWThis tutorial will be an introduction to using Semantic MediaWiki, I will talk about how we use Semantic MediaWiki for our projects at Wikibase Solutions, and will give some examples and a hands-on tutorial on how to use Semantic MediaWiki for your own projects.SMWCon Fall 2020
    Two new extensions: Page Exchange and Flex DiagramsOverview of two new extensionsSMWCon Fall 2020
    Conference Opening: Future of knowledge sharingIn addition to notes on the organization of the three conference days, there is a short input on the conference topic and the programSMWCon Fall 2020
    Rescue and value of African cultural heritage in the Canary Islands: a wiki powered by Semantic MediaWikiPresentation of a Semantic MediaWiki use case to manage, visualize and analyze data about African cultural heritage located in the Canary Islands.SMWCon Fall 2020
    Semantic MediaWiki in professional environmentsThe open source alternative between Confluence, Sharepoint and other enterprise content solutionsSMWCon Fall 2020
    Privacy considerationsQuestions about privacy, legislation and implementationSMWCon Fall 2020
    Introduction in BlueSpice and Semantic MediaWikiIn this tutorial we will show to what extent BlueSpice MediaWiki uses semanticSMWCon Fall 2020
    SMW and WikiBase: blasphemy or feasible?Success story in using SMW in concert with WikiBase to achieve a data-based, semantic-enabled MediaWiki siteSMWCon Fall 2020
    Knowledge Graph research and the role of SMWIn a panel discussion we will highlight the state of the art about knowledge graph research and talk about the role of SMW.SMWCon Fall 2020
    SMWCon Fall 2020The 17th conference on Semantic MediaWiki (SMWCon) brings together developers, users and organizations from the semantic wiki community around the world.SMWCon Fall 2020
    Wiki and Multilingualism - a contradiction?How to Build a Multilingual WikiSMWCon Fall 2020
    Linked Data with SMW (Tutorial)How to use external vocabularies (e. g. FOAF) and reference to external idenifiers (e. g. Wikidata ID) with SMW.SMWCon Fall 2020
    Use of Semantic MediaWiki in the UK's Ministry of DefenceThis is to give an overview on how the UK's Ministry of Defence use Semantic MediaWikiSMWCon Fall 2020
    Export semantic data via API (Tutorial)The most important concepts and where you can learn everythingSMWCon Fall 2020
    Wikidata Walkabout: a drill-down interface for WikidataSMWCon Fall 2020
    Corpus2Wiki: A Tool for Automatically Generating Wikiditions in Digital HumanitiesCorpus2Wiki is a tool for generating so-called Wikiditions out of text corpora. It provides text analyses, annotations and their visualizations without requiring programming or advanced computer skills.SMWCon Fall 2020
    Connecting Wikibase and Semantic MediaWikiLive demo of Semantic Wikibase, a new extension that allows using Wikibase data directly in your semantic wikiSMWCon Fall 2020
    What's new in the world of Wikibase and where is it going?An overview of what's new around Wikibase and the plans we have for the Wikibase Ecosystem.SMWCon Fall 2020
    Wikipush Toolkitwikipush,wikiedit,wikiupload,wikinuke,wikiuser a set of tools for automating SMW page content handling using python and a command lineSMWCon Fall 2020
    Yearly Semantic MediaWiki overviewAn overview of what happened in Semantic MediaWiki land during the last year, including the 3.2 release.SMWCon Fall 2020
    Coffee BreakLet's have a short break in the coffee house.SMWCon Fall 2020
    Mediawiki 1.35 MigrationSMWCon Fall 2020
    A MediaWiki based open source content services platformMake the case for a MediaWiki based open source content services platform. We know what MediaWiki and open source is. I will explain more about a content services platform, what it may provide and why companies around the world might want one.SMWCon Fall 2020
    ReplicationWiki - Information on empirical studies in the social sciencesA database on availability of data and code for empirical studies in the social sciences, and of replicationsSMWCon Fall 2020
    Information Security Management System (ISMS) with Semantic MediaWikiThis talk shows how an ISMS according to ISO/IEC 27001 or BSI IT-Grundschutz can be implemented with Semantic MediaWiki.SMWCon Fall 2020
    Importing RDF ontologies to SMW with ontology2smw and Academic Event OntologyIn this talk we like to present an overview of the process and challenges of automating an RDF ontology import into SemanticMediawiki with ontology2smw, in the context of the confIDent project and how Academic Event Ontology (AEON) is being developed to support the requirements of Semantic Mediawiki.SMWCon Fall 2020
    Coffee Break - Day 1Let's have a short break in the coffee house.SMWCon Fall 2020
    Connections between SMW and WikibaseSemantic MediaWiki and Wikibase are two implementations of the idea of semantic Web inside MediaWiki. The first one is basically semantic annotations inside a text, and the second one is very structured data without surrounding text. Both have advantages and different uses. This lightning talk will explore these different approaches and open the discussion about the opportunity of linking together these two tools in order to use both ecosystems in a coherent perspective.SMWCon Fall 2019
    Easy MediaWiki setup/installation management with MezaLearn about Meza — a MediaWiki administration program which enables the easy install and maintenance of MediaWikiSMWCon Fall 2019
    Exploiting and empowering semantic data with 2 new semantic extension: Sparql Result Format and Semantic Auth/ProfilingKnowledge Management is a cross domain discipline and we (Imola Informatica) apply it on many different areas: EKM, Document Management, Enterprise Architecture, IT Service Management and Governance, IT Security, Normative Compliance etc....SMWCon Fall 2019
    Enable extended RDF support by Semantic MediaWikiLearn how to use MediaWiki's UI power while integrating other semantic data storesSMWCon Fall 2019
    How we hacked Visual Editor to add an edit images featureHow we hacked Visual Editor to enable users to insert, crop and edit images directly into VE modal.SMWCon Fall 2019
    1,2,3 in 6 minutes3 topics contributed by BITPlan to SMWCon Fall 2019SMWCon Fall 2019
    SMWCon Fall 2019The 16th conference on Semantic MediaWiki (SMWCon) brings together developers, users and organizations from the semantic wiki community around the world.SMWCon Fall 2019
    semantic::isms - The Smart ISMS-WikiHow to use Semantic MediaWiki for the regulatory compliant operation of a management system for information security.SMWCon Fall 2019
    Host's KeynoteSMWCon Fall 2019
    The WMF Core Platform Team: Roadmap Update and Q&AThis will be an introduction to the Wikimedia Foundation's Core Platform Team, including the structure, process, current roadmap, and ways to communicate to and interact with the team. There will be time for a Q&A.SMWCon Fall 2019
    A MediaWiki news channel!Let's join forces to promote features, developments, events and field reports.SMWCon Fall 2019
    A SMW referatory for qualitative Research Software, Workflows and ProjectsSMWCon Fall 2019
    Unconference Moderation IILet's review our first unconference ideas and concretize working groups.SMWCon Fall 2019
    Linking inside and into your wikiPeople use many mental ways to find knowledge — support them by rich linking within and into your MediaWikiSMWCon Fall 2019
    WSArrays - an easy way to use complex arrays in your wikiWSArrays is an extension which creates an additional set of parser functions that operate on multidimensional and associative arrays. Additionally, it adds a new result printer to SMW called "complexarray", which will define a multidimensional array that can be operated via MediaWiki through several parser functions. The extension allows you to easily map the results of a query onto a template with named args, as well as change the arrangement of items in the array, getting a single value from the array, pushing items to the array and much more.SMWCon Fall 2019
    Smart iconography on your wikiLearn how to use icons from a variety of sources within your wiki to increase comprehension, navigation, and findability.SMWCon Fall 2019
    Conference Program KeynoteSMWCon Fall 2019
    OpenResearch - Find your scientific conferenceThis semantic wiki at Openresearch aims at making the world of science more visible and accessible. Everybody can add his favorite events (e.g. conferences and workshops), co-workers, tools/datasets, community fora or journals. Pooled together these pieces of information constitute a vast knowledge base about who and what moves science forward.SMWCon Fall 2019
    MWStake induced extension certification (MWS Certification)Learn about how to find or submit MediaWiki extensions that are secure and working wellSMWCon Fall 2019
    Ways to implement main end user use casesSMWCon Fall 2019
    Navigation in the new Electrical Installation Guide WikiThe next version of the Electrical Installation Guide wiki uses a navigation and a chapter TOC creation based on the SMW "has parent page" property. One can browse this book-like wiki with chapter pages, a side menu, breadcrumb links and previous/next links.SMWCon Fall 2019
    Lightning Talks, Open Mic, Unconference Moderation ILet's gather a first set of unconference ideas collected throughout the first two conference days.SMWCon Fall 2019
    ... further results