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The Place Vendôme with Column
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Population: 2,234,105
Area: 105.40 km²40.69 sqmi <br />
Located in: France
Average rainy days: 111.5

Paris is the capital city of France. At year 2009, the population is 2,234,105 and the area is 105.40 km²40.69 sqmi <br />. It is the biggest city in France. It rains on 111.5 days per year on average.

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105.40 km² (40.69 sqmi) +
Inhabitantsstatistics about the human population, i.e. people that live together in the same place
2,206,488 +
PopulationThe number of inhabitants of some geographical place.
2,234,105 +
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2009 +
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