SMWCon Spring 2015
smartMediaWiki - smart extension of SMW
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Description: Extending Semantic Media Wiki in smart ways
Speaker(s): Wolfgang Fahl
Slides: see here
Type: Talk, Presentation, Regular talk
Audience: Everyone
Length: minutes
Video: not available
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  • SMW has lots of features.
  • SMW is complicated.
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smartMediaWiki is an approach to get extended results from the use of SMW. The goals are:

  • simplicity
  • staying on the problem side
  • allowing to specify the problem in a way that SMW results can be derived "right there in the wiki".


At SMWCon Spring 2015 smartMediaWiki is presented on all three days:

  1. on the first day there will be a tutorial which is not about smartMediaWiki but is using it for educational purposes to explaing concepts of the semantic web
  2. on the second day there is a talk on smartMediaWiki itself
  3. on the third day there is the option to meet with people interested in applying the smartMediaWiki approaches and dive into details

1st day Tutorial[edit]

see Introduction to Semantic_Concepts
. This is a tutorial for people generally interested in using Semantic Mediawiki and learning more about the background of it.

  • What does Semantic Web mean?
  • What is a semantic wiki?
  • How is semantic data stored in a semantic wiki?
  • What are triples?
  • How do i query data?
  • What import and export options are there?
  • How do I present query results?

2nd day smartMediaWiki talk[edit]

  • Why is a smart approach to using SMW necessary?
  • What is smartMediaWiki?
  • How does it work?
  • What can I do with it?

3rd day smartMediaWiki meeting[edit]

Meeting with people interested in applying the smartMediaWiki approaches and dive into details.

About the Speaker[edit]

Wolfgang Fahl is founder and owner of BITPlan, Germany. He teaches Softwarearchitecture but is also involved with software development projects a lot. Wolfgang has been using MediaWikis since 2007. He was e.g. involved with during his Newzealand Sabbatical in 2008.

You'll find Wolfgang on the web at: