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MWStake Community Services
Talk details
Description: Our project "MWStake Community Services" pursues the goal of providing coherent, consistent, relevant and up-to-date information, tools and services for third-party MediaWiki users.
Speaker(s): Lex Sulzer
Type: Talk, Discussion
Audience: Everyone
Event start: 2022/10/28 13:30:00
Event finish: 2022/10/28 14:30:00
Length: 60 minutes
Video: click here
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A preliminary collection of questions to be answered:[edit]


A preliminary idea of structuring the answers' building blocks:[edit]


Tests and Documentation Maker[edit]

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PROJECT PAGE: Project "Tests and Documentation Maker"
INTENTION/IDEA: Link doc from extension page

Third-party interests documented/managed by[edit]

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Community projects and issues[edit]