Datafication of juridical texts in real estate

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SMWCon Fall 2022Datafication of juridical texts in real estate
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Datafication of juridical texts in real estate
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Description: In the datafication of juridical texts in real estate we combine a complete round-trip set of semantic web technogies. We built a skos-based taxonomy to organize the knowledge we derive from the text models and translate that knowledge into an ontology. The result is an rdf-a document that contains all the relevant data that conforms to the ontology and is self-explaining by the taxonomy.
Speaker(s): Arjen Santema
Type: Talk, In session
Audience: Everyone
Event start: 2022/10/28 10:15:00
Event finish: 2022/10/28 11:00:00
Length: 45 minutes
Video: click here
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Zorgloos Vastgoed (Carefree Real Estate) is an initiative launched by the KNB (Royal Notarial Professional Organisation), Kadaster (Land Registry), HDN (Mortgage Data Network) and NVM (Dutch Association of Real Estate Agents). In 2019 they signed the declaration of intent, which forms the basis for this program. Since then, representatives from the entire field of real estate have been helping to build the Zorgeloos Vastgoed Afsprakenstelsel (Carefree Real Estate agreement system).

Zorgloos Vastgoed works on an agreement system by joining forces. Including chain-wide agreements about the (technical) language we speak, identification, signing, but also, for example, data management. With this we connect real estate brokers, civil-law notaries, financial advisors & mortgage brokers and software suppliers.

This results in one language and one foundation on which everyone offers their services. By working together consumers are served better.

With the agreement system we are working on:

  • Clarity and certainty during all phases of residence.
  • Efficiency and convenience, for service providers and consumers.
  • Up-to-date and validated data, straight from the source.
  • Fast and secure information exchange between all parties.
  • Consumers control: he decides with whom he shares what.
  • More insight and overview in the buying process, for everyone.