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SMWCon Fall 2022
Conference details
Start: October 26, 2022
Finish: October 28, 2022
General Chair: Cindy Cicalese
Local Chair: Eric-Jan van Kakerken
Program Chair: Ad Strack van Schijndel
Online Chair: Bernhard Krabina

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Leonardo Hotel Breda City Center,
Stationsplein 14, 4811 BB Breda,

The Netherlands

Table of Contents

SMW Con Fall 2022.jpeg SMWCon Fall 2022 - the 19th Semantic MediaWiki Conference brings together developers, users and organizations from the semantic wiki community around the world.

October 26 - 28, 2022, Breda, The Netherlands

Conference audience and mission[edit]

This conference is addressing everybody interested in wikis and open knowledge, especially in Semantic MediaWiki, e.g. users, developers, consultants, business or government representatives, and researchers.

This conference shall:

  • inspire/onboard new users,
  • inform on where and how MediaWiki is used,
  • convey and consolidate best practices,
  • initiate/foster/integrate application and development and
  • strengthen the community of stakeholders and its service portfolio.

Learn how to "do" MediaWiki in order to assume your responsibilities regarding your organization's knowledge management.


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Please add your name to the list below if you plan to attend the conference.

Preliminary program[edit]

This is a preliminary program

More contributions will follow and you still can propose a contribution.

Feel free to suggest a (lightning) talk, tutorial, workshop, create camp or presentation that you want to contribute.

Conference Day 1 - Wednesday, October 26
Find the correct time for your time zone here

120 min.
Tutorials provide hands-on guidance for specific topics.
FlexForm is the forms extension that is part of Open CSP. This is a short tutorial about things that are new or have changed.
Python controlled mediawiki docker application cluster installation
60 min.
90 min.
The objective is to have an access control system for MediaWiki. This session is about exploring the possibilities of a policy based access control system that can be managed in the wiki.
WikiGuard is an extension that implements policy based access control for wikis. In this talk WikiGuard will be explained and demonstrated. The purpose of the talk is to have a first step towards a good access control system for wikis.
45 min.
Selene Deckelmann wil provide the keynote. Details will follow.

Conference Day 2 - Thursday, October 27
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30 min.
ConfIDent makes descriptive metadata on conferences and other formats of scientific events permanently accessible in a high quality through automated processes and scientific data curating.
30 min.
In science and technology, complex relationships exist between the properties of products and their composition and processing. For this reason, digital transformation and acceleration in this domain represents a particularly big challenge. Although it is generally agreed that data must be linked together by means of semantics and ontologies to form holistic data spaces, there is still a lack of suitable tools for integrating the necessary structures into the everyday work of scientists and engineers. Open Semantic Lab a holistic approach to address this deficiency: A SMW-based interactive web platform that can capture all our data and ideas and link them precisely - no matter if it' s inventory (LIMS), lab notes (ELN), procedures (SOP) or general knowledge. Each piece of information can also be machine-read, blockchain-signed and written to automatically transfer (Lab 4.0) and analyse (AI) measurement data. As an open (source) system, Open Semantic Lab can be easily adapted without programming knowledge without losing the uniform structure. In this way, we can contribute to everyone's knowledge individually and yet in a standardized way.
30 min.
The ReplicationWiki is undergoing a massive expansion and for the first time is used as a forum for a webinar series. The use case and experience with technical tools and challenges are presented.
60 min.
120 min.
Session about Open CSP. Hosted by Jeroen Blijsie
Open CSP is the open source framework that turns the MediaWiki platform into a powerful Enterprise ready workspace. This talk is about Open CSP and the launch of Open CSP as it becomes available today.
Demo of Open CSP
30 min.
60 min.
How Canasta + SMW work together. The latest updates from the Canasta Project. Information on future development of Canasta.
30 min.
Yaron Koren Founder/CEO of WikiWorks
Highlights of recent additions to extensions including Page Forms, Page Schemas and External Data

Conference Day 3 - Friday, October 28
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120 min.
In the datafication of juridical texts in real estate we combine a complete round-trip set of semantic web technogies. We built a skos-based taxonomy to organize the knowledge we derive from the text models and translate that knowledge into an ontology. The result is an rdf-a document that contains all the relevant data that conforms to the ontology and is self-explaining by the taxonomy.
60 min.
150 min.
During the hackathon developers will try to solve some issues that have been brought up.
In the experience of the ReplicationWiki the standard Semantic MediaWiki search form is too complicated for average users, both for those setting up SMWs but especially for those who just use them. It should be relatively easy to adjust it to make it more user friendly.


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