Skepticism with Scientific Wikis - The Strengths and Weaknesses

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Description: [[Has description::Skepticism plays a crucial role in the sciences. Scientists are trained to question. But, what are the strengths and weaknesses of skepticism in launching a wiki designed for and by a scientific community. We'll present our experience with the applied geophysical community and its wiki, the SEG Wiki.]]
Speaker(s): {{#set:Has speaker=Andrew Geary}}Andrew Geary, {{#set:Has speaker=Isaac Farley}}Isaac Farley
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{{#set: Has video plain= }} The SEG Wiki was founded in 2011, seeded with content from the Society of Exploration Geophysicists' two best selling books. The goal of the SEG Wiki is: to expand the world’s knowledge of applied geophysics, to provide further details of the science itself, and to engage emerging professionals in the field.

Many professionals and scientists in the geophysicists field question the value and accuracy of an online encyclopedia that anyone (in this case, all registered users of SEG) can edit. How can we address this healthy skepticism? How do we get people comfortable with this idea while reinforcing the value of the MediaWiki software?

The presentation will include:

  • What is the basis for skepticism? Why are people skeptical?
  • Skepticism of the SEG Wiki
  • Discussion of SEG's current publication models and the MediaWiki philosophy
  • Ways we have addressed skepticism
  • Summary of related scientific research on skepticism
  • Guided Q&A