Codex, the Design System for Wikimedia

SMWCon Fall 2023Codex, the Design System for Wikimedia
SMWCon Fall 2023
Codex, the Design System for Wikimedia
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Description: The Design Systems Team at the Wikimedia Foundation is developing Codex, a new comprehensive design system for the Wikimedia movement. The team recently released version 1.0.0 and would like to share more about when and how to use Codex, and the future of other front-end frameworks within the MediaWiki ecosystem.
Speaker(s): Chris Ciufo
Slides: see here
Type: Lightning talk
Audience: Developers, Community
Event start: 2023/12/13 15:30:00
Length: 15 minutes
Video: not available
Keywords: codex, design-systems, designers, developers
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Codex is the new design system for Wikimedia. Over the past 2 years, the Design Systems Team and contributors from the Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimedia Deutschland, and the volunteer communities have collaborated to create a centralized design system to serve Wikimedia projects. Codex provides more equitable experiences for all Wikimedia movement participants, and makes it easier and faster to design and build consistent user interfaces.

In this talk, we will provide a quick overview of how Codex is structured, what you can (and cannot yet) build with it, how you should be thinking about migrating away from legacy frameworks and tools, and also how you can contribute to it yourself. We'll also review some examples of Codex usage in production. The talk is primarily geared towards designers and/or developers, but anyone is welcome to attend as the talk will not be too technical.