Introduction to Semantic Concepts

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SMWCon Spring 2015Introduction to Semantic Concepts
SMWCon Spring 2015
Introduction to Semantic Concepts
Talk details
Description: What does Semantic mean? What are triples? How do I query data? ...
Speaker(s): Wolfgang Fahl
Slides: see here
Type: Talk, Tutorial
Audience: Everyone, New users
Length: 45 minutes
Video: not available
Keywords: Query, Semantic concepts
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This is a tutorial for people generally interested in using Semantic Mediawiki and learning more about the background of it.

  • What does Semantic Web mean?
  • What is a semantic wiki?
  • How is semantic data stored in a semantic wiki?
  • What are triples?
  • How do i query data?
  • What import and export options are there?
  • How do I present query results?