Wikidata Synchronization for the CEUR-WS publishing platform use case

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SMWCon Fall 2022Wikidata Synchronization for the CEUR-WS publishing platform use case
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Wikidata Synchronization for the CEUR-WS publishing platform use case
Talk details
Description: Data synchronization between Wikidata and SMW on the CEUR-WS use case.
Speaker(s): Tim Holzheim
Type: Lightning talk, Tutorial, In session
Audience: Everyone, Developers
Event start: 2022/10/28 10:45:00
Event finish: 2022/10/28 11:00:00
Length: 15 minutes
Video: click here
Keywords: wikidata
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Semantic Mediawiki and Wikidata are both platforms for knowledge graphs based on the concept of triples. Given this conceptual compatibility a wikidata synchronization is quite straightforward if entities and properties of Wikidata are mapped to the Semantic MediaWiki platform. As part of the effort to synchronize the CEUR-WS metadata with wikidata we have created a prototype for showing how easy it is to synchronize in a three-way style between CEUR-WS, wikidata and a semantic mediawiki. We use scholar profiles as a showcase.

See for example: Tim Berners Lee Scholia entry and Tim-Berners-Lee as Editor of CEUR-WS Volumes

CEUR Workshop Proceedings is a free open-access publication service for academic workshops. Data about the proceedings, events, papers, editors and authors are stored in a semi-structured html format. In a effort to semantify the data and move it into a semantic mediawiki the goal was also to integrate the data into wikidata. Since wikidata is one of the largest knowledge graphs with a large portion covering scholarly articles, adding the ceur-ws data to it increases accessibility and the cross referencing of the contained enties. For the historic records the data needs to be extracted to create the wiki pages and wikidata items. Additionally for new proceedings and for the curration of existing once data from the smw wiki needs to be published to wikidata. The CEUR-WS browser in our pyCEURmake project aims to introduce such a bidirectional api for edits on wikidata and a smw wiki.