So you want to write an SMW extension

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SMWCon Spring 2015So you want to write an SMW extension
SMWCon Spring 2015
So you want to write an SMW extension
Talk details
Description: thoughts on creating and maintaining SMW-based extensions that will be useful to yourself and (hopefully) others, from a semi-technical perspective.
Speaker(s): Yaron Koren
Slides: see here
Type: Talk
Audience: Everyone, Developers
Length: minutes
Video: not available
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A staggeringly large number of MediaWiki extensions have been created that make use of Semantic MediaWiki in one way or another: nearly 100, and if you add in other extensions that probably wouldn't exist if not for SMW, like Header Tabs, the number is probably higher than 100. And most likely, more are on the way. Nearly half of these extensions, though, are obsolete or unmaintained. Which is not just a problem for other users; it's potentially a problem for their developers as well, if they created these extensions for use by their company or organization. This talk will cover, in semi-technical terms, some basic philosophy on how to design and create SMW-based extensions that stand the test of time.

Topics covered will include:

  • Add to an existing extension, or create your own?
  • Special properties vs. page properties vs. custom database tables: how should you store your data
  • Fun with open source and GPL
  • What about Cargo?
  • "Marketing" your extension