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SMWCon Spring 2015
SMW Grammars & Variables
Talk details
Description: A presentation of the forthcoming SMWOntologies extension which instruments SMW for query variables and multilingual property values.
Speaker(s): John Mc Clure
Slides: see here
Type: Talk, Presentation, Regular talk
Audience: Everyone
Length: minutes
Video: not available
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SMW today has a good but basic query engine though it has two significant lackings when compared with other query languages: query variables and multilingual property values. This talk introduces some enhancements to the SMW #ask parser function necessary to support these important features.

Secondly, installing one or more standard ontologies is a key step to help users get the most out of their semantic wiki. This talk introduces the SMWOntologies extension which packages ontologies from the W3, UN, ISO, the Dublin Core and others with small modifications to SMW. Such widely used ontologies are coordinated with a grammatical ontology of the author's design.