Smwcon fall 2023

SMWCon Fall 2023
Conference details
Start: December 11, 2023
Finish: December 13, 2023
General Chair: Bernhard Krabina
Local Chair: Tobias Oetterer
Program Chair: Ad Strack van Schijndel

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University of Paderborn,
Pohlweg 55, 33098 Paderborn, Germany
Table of Contents

SMW Con Fall 2023.png SMWCon Fall 2023 - the 20th Semantic MediaWiki Conference brings together developers, users and organizations from the semantic wiki community around the world.

December 11 - 13, 2023, Paderborn, Germany

Watch it live on Youtube:

Conference audience and mission[edit]

This conference addressed everybody interested in wikis and open knowledge, especially in Semantic MediaWiki, e.g. users, developers, consultants, business or government representatives, and researchers.

This conference aims to:

  • inspire/onboard new users,
  • inform on where and how MediaWiki is used,
  • convey and consolidate best practices,
  • initiate/foster/integrate application and development and
  • strengthen the community of stakeholders and its service portfolio.

Learn how to "do" MediaWiki in order to assume your responsibilities regarding your organization's knowledge management.


Voluntary list of conference participants: SMWCon 2023 Participants.jpeg

in Paderborn
  1. Tobias Oetterer
  2. Bernhard Krabina (Knowledge Management Associates)
  3. Jeffrey Wang (MyWikis)
  4. Eric-Jan van Kakerken (Wikibase Solutions)
  5. Alexander Gesinn ( GmbH & Co. KG )
  6. Markus Wagenhofer ( GmbH & Co. KG )
  7. Luke Eversfield ( GmbH & Co. KG )
  8. Joris Dirks (ArchiXL)
  9. Ricardo Eito-Brun (UC3M)
  10. Cindy Cicalese (Wikimedia Foundation)
  11. Robin van der Wiel (ArchiXL)
  12. Yvar Nanlohij (ArchiXL)
  13. Richard Heigl (Hallo Welt!)
  14. Robert Vogel (Hallo Welt!)
  15. Lex Sulzer
  16. Miriam Schlindwein (Hallo Welt!)
  17. Erwin Oord (ArchiXL)
  18. Dietmar Trees (HMS Analytical Software GmbH)
  19. Ad Strack van Schijndel (Juggel)
  20. Viktor Schelling (Pegasystems)
  21. Maria Fahl (BITPlan GmbH)
  22. Wolfgang Fahl (RWTH Aachen dbis i5/BITPlan GmbH)
  23. Wouter Rademaker ( / Professional Wiki / ScoutWiki Network)
  24. Michael Freiberg (Giessen University Library)
  25. Daniel Röwenstrunk (Paderborn University)
  26. Marc Hinterthaner (TIB)
  27. Ton van der Zwet
  28. Marijn van Wezel (Wikibase Solutions)
  29. Toine Schijvenaars (ArchiXL)
  30. Remco de Boer (ArchiXL) - Tue only.
  31. Markus Krötzsch (talk) (TU Dresden)
  32. Jeroen De Dauw (Professional Wiki)
  33. .. add yourself here
online only
Online participation will be possible via YouTube-Livestream as well as Zoom.
Watch it live on Youtube:
  1. Thomas Wolf (Bavarian State Library)
  2. Youri van den Bogert (ArchiXL)
  3. Markus Glaser (Hallo Welt! GmbH)
  4. Laurent Mischler (Schneider Electric)
  5. Martin Gruner (University Library Würzburg)
  6. Yaron Koren (WikiWorks)
  7. Steven Stiles (Space Force Space-Wiki)
  8. Kimberly Brewer (Space Force Space-Wiki)
  9. Simon Stier (Fraunhofer ISC Würzburg / Data-Info-Knowledge)
  10. Linda Freyberg (BBF | Bibliothek für Bildungsgeschichtliche Forschung des DIPF | Leibniz-Institut für Bildungsforschung und Bildungsinformation)
  11. Frans van der Horst (Reinier Medical Diagnostic Center)
  12. Charlot Cobben (Wikibase Solutions)
  13. Rich Evans (NASA's Neil A. Armstrong Test Facility) (message me in elements)
  14. Karsten Hoffmeyer (Professional Wiki) (Monday only)
  15. Maximilian Nöth (Centre for Philology and Digitality (ZPD), University of Würzburg)
  16. Cornelia Veja (DIPF | Leibniz Institute for Research and Information in Education)
  17. Liselot Roelen (Wikibase Solutions)
  18. Tim Holzheim (RWTH Aachen dbis i5)
  19. Ivan Zivkovik (Shared_Knowledge)
  20. Florian Bäckmann (Hallo Welt! GmbH)
  21. Joris Darlington Quarshie (AWMT)
  22. Greg Rundlett (freephile)
  23. Thomas (at and KM-A)
  24. Robert Timm (Wikimedia Germany)


Day 1 - Monday, December 11 - AI and Knowledge Management
Find the correct time for your time zone here

60 min.
Generative AI and large-language models are the most prominent of many current developments that force us to rethink: not just the implementations and technology stacks used in practice, but also the

whole endeavour of human knowledge management as such.

In this talk, Markus will provide a personal perspective on the origins and principles of semantic wikis, and some of the key challenges that lie ahead in managing knowledge.
45 min.
Markus Glaser Head of Development at Hallo Welt!
Benefits, patterns and pitfalls of a new interaction paradigm
15 min.
30 min.
Our life is going to be AI assisted.

The talk will be about Juggel, the name of a platform that allows to effectively create and use AI assistants. GPTs in the context of an organization or business.

The demo will show that MediaWiki with Semantic MediaWiki is an excellent basis for powerful AI assistants.
20 min.
Mike Pham Sr Product Manager, Future Audiences at Wikimedia Foundation
Talk about the lessons learned from the plugin, and on thoughts and vision for AI opportunities/capabilities.
20 min.
Alexander Gesinn Managing Director & Partner at GmbH & Co. KG
Connecting SMW with a local AI in a ChatGPT like way.

Day 2 - Tuesday, December 12
Find the correct time for your time zone here

20 min.
The talk will give a brief overview of the SMW Community and results from the community survey.
30 min.
In this talk we present a new extension for creating and managing inline comments, similar to the way comments can be posted in documents in e.g. Microsoft Word. Users can select fragments on a wiki page a post a comment linked to that fragment. Commented fragments will be highlighted and thus be visible to other users, who can display the comment text and post replies.

Comments can be made to static text fragments on a wiki page, but also to images and even to fragments of query results (e.g. words in table cells). The extension can be used with or without SMW. With SMW, comments will be added as semantic properties (subobjects) to the page and can be queried as any other property. Editors (with applicable permission) can manage (display, filter, complete, reopen, delete) comments from a special page.

A demo will be given and we can discuss whether this extension is suitable to be published as open source.
15 min.
20 min.
Alexander Gesinn Managing Director & Partner at GmbH & Co. KG
This talk highlights the effective utilization of Semantic MediaWiki to streamline and harmonize complex glossaries sourced from diverse origins, mitigating the challenges posed by overlapping or identical glossary terms.
45 min.
Robert Vogel Software Developer at Hallo Welt!
In this talk, I want to introduce the Workflows extension in general and show integrations with Semantic MediaWiki in particular. I will include a demo about how to create custom workflows and give hints about the extensibility of the extension.
60 min.
30 min.
Canasta updates for the second half of 2023.
10 min.
Keeping digital accessibility in mind when developing extensions and writing wikitext to make your wikis easier to navigate and read.
15 min.
A lightning talk about extensions that are popular with our customers, and might be interesting to others as well.
75 min.
A hands-on hackathon/workshop where you learn to make your wiki Parsoid-compatible using ArrayFunctions and Lua.
15 min.
30 min.
Yearly update from the Wikimedia Foundation Content Transform Team on current and upcoming changes to wikitext and to related core APIs.
30 min.
We have overhauled interfaces of the MediaWiki rdbms library for developers to make it more aligned with industry practices, including but not limited to IConnectionProvider, virtual domains, query builders, expression builders and more. This talk goes over the changes, the reasoning and how to adopt the new interfaces.

Day 3 - Wednesday, December 13
Find the correct time for your time zone here

15 min.
Robert Vogel Software Developer at Hallo Welt!
Quick introduction of some small extensions the BlueSpice team has created in the last year
45 min.
Last year at SMWCon 2022 Open CSP was launched. Today we present version 2.0.

Open CSP turns your SMW MediaWiki instalment into an enterprise ready Workspace. Out-of-the-box it is a perfect Knowledge base and you can use it as a base to create any Enterprise tool, like an ISMS, PM, CSM, CRM, etc..

In this talk we will show a clean and new install of Open CSP and how to get started.
15 min.
20 min.
The presentation discusses the use of Semantic MediaWiki to manage process requirements in the context of a software development company. The use of SMW allows the easy integration of process requirements defined in different software engineering standards within a Process Reference Model (PRM) based on the tailoring of the ECSS standards for VSEs (Very Small Entities) developed by different entities (ESA, CNES, DLR, JAXA, etc.)
15 min.
Iryna Mozgova Lehrstuhl Datenmanagement im Maschinenbau/ Fakultät für Maschinenbau
Explore the practical application of "Generic Protocols" within Semantic MediaWiki to simplify and standardize research documentation in engineering sciences.
30 min.
Since last year we rewrite OpenSemanticLab to be based completely on industry standards JSON-SCHEMA and JSON-LD. This allows to build new applications in no time and without any wiki templates and enables easy integration with any third party software. We also added experimental support to trigger external Python workflows through REST APIs and LocalGPT Q&A + search assistance.
60 min.
30 min.
Miriam Schlindwein Software Developer at Hallo Welt!
This talk will present how it's possible to create tasks, to assign them to someone, add due dates and how they can be controlled in a wiki. Therefore the extensions AtMentions, Checklists, DateTimeTools and SimpleTasks will be presented. There will be a demo and a presentation of the implementation, addressing challenges and new insights gained with it.
30 min.
Erwin Oord Managing partner ArchiXLRobin van der Wiel Consultant at ArchiXL
In this talk we present a mechanism for real-time synchronisation of architecture models stored in a git-based repository to a SMW instance. In this solution, Git is used as version management enabled storage of architecture models created in a modelling tool. SMW is used as a platform for publishing and sharing this architecture knowledge. SMW is updated with every commit/push in the repository. The synchronisation mechanism is generic and its architecture is designed in such a way that it can be easily extended for use with other sources that should synchronise to SMW.
15 min.
15 min.
Robert Timm Senior Software Engineer Wikibase Suite, Wikimedia Deutschland
In this lightning talk, we'll delve into a prototype I've been tinkering with, which is all about enabling more intuitive interactions with Wikidata through natural language queries.
30 min.
Yaron Koren Founder/CEO of WikiWorks
Thoughts on how to improve Wikidata (and yes, Wikibase) querying and editing.
15 min.
The Design Systems Team at the Wikimedia Foundation is developing Codex, a new comprehensive design system for the Wikimedia movement. The team recently released version 1.0.0 and would like to share more about when and how to use Codex, and the future of other front-end frameworks within the MediaWiki ecosystem.


Buy a SMWCon 2023 ticket at Eventbrite! There is a limit of 45 participants that can join in Paderborn!
In order to attend in person in Paderborn, you must purchase a ticket via eventbrite! You don't have to have an PayPal account, you can continue as "guest" to pay with credit card. Sale starts on September 17. Early-bird tickets will be available until October 31st.
Professional Student Member(1)
Early bird (until October 31th) $ 219 $ 109 $ 129
Regular (starting November 1st) $ 249 $ 139 $ 129
Supporting (2) $ 450 $ 150 $ 350
Online (3) Free of charge Free of charge Free of charge
  • (1) How to become an individual Member of the MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group ($ 100 per year) is explained here
  • (2) Supporting tickets are for organizations who can afford to pay more. 450 for a three day conference is still not much for many. We try to keep admission as low as possible but want to give those who can the opportunity to pay higher prizes tickets to support SMWCon and SMW.
  • (3) Online tickets might require you to re-register at the platform that will be used (not decided yet), but it is good for us to know already, so feel free to grab an online ticket.


Thank you to the sponsors of SMWCon 2023!


Logo of XL&Knowledge

Specialists in enterprise architecture, knowledge management, and semantics


Hallo Welt!

Hallo Welt!
The company behind BlueSpice, the open-source enterprise wiki software


MyWikis Europe

MyWikis Europe
GDPR compliant (Semantic) MediaWiki hosting from the heart of Europe.


Wikibase Solutions

Wikibase Solutions
Specialist in business solutions with MediaWiki


MWStake Logo

MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group
Advocating the needs of MediaWiki users outside the Wikimedia Foundation

KM-A Logo

KM-A Knowledge Management Associates
KM-A educates and advises Knowledge Managers and connects the KM Community in Austria and the world.

Logo Paderborn University

Paderborn University
While always keeping society's needs in mind, scientists at Paderborn University are working on the technologies of the future.

Juggel Logo

AI supported Knowledge Management based on MediaWiki and Semantic MediaWiki


Element - An instant messaging platform used for SMWCon discussions:


The conference site is Paderborn University, Warburger Str. 100, 33098 Paderborn. We are located in Building E, Room E5.333.



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Campus Map[edit]

look for the red circle in the center, please note that this map is not orientated northbound SMWCon2023 Campus Map.png

Arriving by Car

Use the destination address Pohlweg 55, 33100 Paderborn and refer to the map for parking.

Arriving by Bus (Padersprinter)

Coming from the city take one of the following busses to Uni/Südring

  • Number 4 towards Dahl
  • Number 9 towards Kaukenberg
  • Uni Linie

Hailing from

  • the IBIS, cross the street and walk southward along the "Westernmauer"/"Friedrichstraße" towards bus stop Westerntor. Head to bus stop A2 for #4 bus or A3 for #9 bus. Getting to the Conference Site costs 3€ regular or 2,20€ with eezy Tickets.
  • the Aspethera, walk down the "Am Busdorf" then cross the "Kasseler Straße" and head a few meters to the left. Bus stop "Am Bogen" is serviced by both lines 4 and 9. Getting to the Conference Site costs 3€ regular or 2,20€ with eezy Tickets.

Get together Monday, 11th[edit]

We are located at the KÖ13, dinner starts at 18:30 (thats 6:30 pm), unfortunately kitchen closes at 8, so please don't be too late. Address is: Neuer Platz 7.

Jeroen brings a party social deduction game for up to 10 players.

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Conference Dinner, 12th[edit]

The conference dinner takes place at Haxterpark. There is parking available at the restaurant. If you arrive by bus take the same bus stop as for the conference. From there it is a few minutes walk.

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We have a recommendation for three hotels. Two of them, situated in the city proper, offer a special price for conference participants (quota of 20 bookings each). You can reach the conference venue via bus or car within a few minutes. The third is a boarding house directly next to the university.

  • Hotel Aspethera; €86 per night and person incl. breakfast; booking code UNI10122023; link to hotel Discount only for reservations before November 6, 2023.
  • Ibis Paderborn City; €58,90 per night and person, excl. breakfast; book via this link for discount
  • Boarding House Campus Lounge; €75 pP; no booking code available; link to HRS booking


By train[edit]

Paderborn’s main railway station is served by high-speed, intercity and Euro city services. IC/ICE routes Düsseldorf-Hamm-Kassel-Erfurt-Dresden and Cologne-Munich Good regional connections to the IC/ICE train stations Bielefeld, Dortmund, Hamm, Kassel and Hannover.

By air[edit]

  • Paderborn/Lippstadt Airport (20 km) – there is a good bus service from Paderborn to the airport (Bus lines S60 and S61). It seems that within Germany, there are only flights from Munich to Paderborn.
  • Münster/Osnabrück Airport (80 km)
  • Dortmund Airport (90 km)
  • Hannover Airport (150 km)
  • Düsseldorf Airport (170 km)

Further information[edit]