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Population: 3,520,061
Area: 891.85 km²
344.343 sqmi
Located in: Germany
Average rainy days: 106.3
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Berlin is the capital of Germany and also its largest city. It is now home to 3,520,061 (as of July 31, 2012). The average rainfall is 106.3 days per year. This city measures 891.85 km²
344.343 sqmi
and has the coordinates 52° 30' 60", 13° 24' 0". It is located in the north of Germany, which itself is located in Europe.

Points of interest

Brandenburg Gate, Museumsinsel, Reichstag

Authority data

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  • NDL ID: 00629194
  • VIAF: 154702072

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Facts about "Berlin"
Area891.85 km² (344.343 sqmi) +
Average rainy days106.3 +
Capital ofGermany +
Has coordinates52° 30' 60", 13° 24' 0"Latitude: 52.516666666667
Longitude: 13.4
Has dateJuly 31, 2012 +
Has point of interestBrandenburg Gate +, Museumsinsel + and Reichstag +
Located inGermany +
Web National Diet Library of Japan (NDL) Authorities
00629194 +
Population3,520,061 +
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154702072 +