The Wikipedia ChatGPT plugin

SMWCon Fall 2023The Wikipedia ChatGPT plugin
SMWCon Fall 2023
The Wikipedia ChatGPT plugin
Talk details
Description: Talk about the lessons learned from the plugin, and on thoughts and vision for AI opportunities/capabilities.
Speaker(s): Mike Pham
Type: Talk
Audience: Everyone
Event start: 2023/12/11 16:00:00
Length: 20 minutes
Video: click here
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OpenAI’s ChatGPT introduced a powerful and easy-to-use Large Language Model (LLM) to the world, allowing people to have a natural language conversation with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistant, which could generate responses with an unprecedented level of fluency.

In anticipation of ChatGPT’s potential as a new information-seeking tool, which has the potential to replace traditional web search, the Wikimedia Foundation built an experimental Wikipedia plugin for the ChatGPT plugin marketplace: when triggered, this plugin uses MediaWiki APIs to search and return relevant Wikipedia article content for ChatGPT to summarize from.

In this talk, we review some of the things we have learned from the first few months of plugin production – primarily from usage trends and qualitative user demographics and opinions from survey data – and discuss some of the implications for the role of Wikipedia and/or MediaWiki in a new technological landscape where LLM chat assistants become commonplace tools for information seeking.