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Overview of the 173 citation keys used on this wiki:
pageCitation key
"Citation key" is a predefined property that identifies a citation resource and is provided by the Semantic Cite extension.
Citation text
"Citation text" is a predefined property that contains a preformatted text and is provided by the Semantic Cite extension.
Referenced statementRam:2009:NPS:2889875.2889882Sudha Ram, Jun Liu. "A New Perspective on Semantics of Data Provenance". (2009): 35--40.
Referenced statementSimmhan:2005:SDP:1084805.1084812Yogesh L Simmhan, Beth Plale, Dennis Gannon. "A Survey of Data Provenance in e-Science". ACM 34.3 (2005): 31--36. doi: 10.1145/1084805.1084812
Cachingantirez:94Clarifications about Redis and Memcached
Referenced, Opinion, False Claim, or Untested Claim? describes as "Untested claim: Vague, ambiguous, or incomplete claim OR factual claim for which evidence is yet unavailable."
Identifying bugsbug:console:chromeLog diagnostic information to help debug your web page or application ...
Identifying bugsbug:console:firefoxLogs the information as the Web Console - network requests, JavaScript, CSS, and security errors and warnings, and messages ...
Outdated propertiescode:prop:id:refIn combination with PropertyTableIdReferenceFinder, PropertyTableIdReferenceDisposer
Localization and multilingual contentdef:localization...the process of translating a product into different languages or adapting a product for a specific country or region
Table formatgerrit:smw:53520Semantic MediaWiki: Gerrit change set 53520
User rights and user groupsgerrit:smw:67988Semantic MediaWiki: Gerrit change set 67988
Pour commencer/Utilisation des coordonnées géographiquesgettingstarted:example:sm-1
Getting started/Using geographic coordinatesgettingstarted:example:sm-1
Pour commencer/Utilisation des coordonnées géographiquesgettingstarted:example:sm-2
Getting started/Using geographic coordinatesgettingstarted:example:sm-2
Pour commencer/Utilisation des opérations mathématiquesgettingstarted:example:srf:math:1
Getting started/Using mathematical operationsgettingstarted:example:srf:math:1
Deferred updatesgh:mw:code:deferredMediaWiki: Source code quote for "DeferredUpdates.php"
Maintenance script "rebuildData.php"gh:smw:1042Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 1042
Working with the #set "template" parametergh:smw:1048Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub issue 1048
Working with the #set "template" parametergh:smw:1066Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 1066
In-text annotationgh:smw:1075Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 1075
Property naminggh:smw:1087
Maintenance script "rebuildData.php"gh:smw:1106Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 1106
Working with the #set "template" parametergh:smw:1107Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 1107
SQLStore and data diffsgh:smw:1108
Query dependencygh:smw:1117Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 1117 - contains the implementation details of the QueryDependencyLinksStore
Maintenance script "rebuildData.php"gh:smw:1127Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 1127
Selecting pagesgh:smw:1129Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 1129
Selecting pagesgh:smw:1178Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 1178
Maintenance script "rebuildData.php"gh:smw:1216Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 1216
Special property Has processing errorgh:smw:1243Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 1243
Selecting pagesgh:smw:1246Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 1246
$smwgEnabledInTextAnnotationParserStrictModegh:smw:1252Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub issue 1252
Selecting pagesgh:smw:1291Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 1291
Special property Has processing errorgh:smw:1293Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 1293
Property usage countgh:smw:1313Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub issue 1313
Special property Corresponds togh:smw:1329Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 1329
Special property Display precision ofgh:smw:1335Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 1335
Type Monolingual textgh:smw:1344Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 1344
Maintenance script "rebuildData.php"gh:smw:1361Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 1361
Special property Has property descriptiongh:smw:1381Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 1381
Type Dategh:smw:1389Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 1389 - Free date/time formatting support
Type Dategh:smw:1396Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 1396 - Indicate AC/CE era for positive years if it was explicitly annotated
Type Dategh:smw:1397Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 1397
Special:Askgh:smw:1407Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 1407
Special property Display title ofgh:smw:1410Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 1410
Special property Display title ofgh:smw:1410:244064848Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 1410 comment
Special property Allows patterngh:smw:1417Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 1417
Special property Allows patterngh:smw:1417:240831598Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 1417 comment
Maintenance script "rebuildData.php"gh:smw:1433Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 1433
Object ID lookupgh:smw:1433:138582126Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub issue 1433 comment
Deferred updatesgh:smw:1435Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 1435
Property usage countgh:smw:1436Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 1436
Special property Has uniqueness constraintgh:smw:1463Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 1463
Deferred updatesgh:smw:1478:202170690Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub issue 1478 comment
Full-text searchgh:smw:1481Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 1481
Special property Display title ofgh:smw:1534#1534 `Display title of` to augment the sortkey
Type Dategh:smw:1545Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 1545 - #LOCL as TimeValue output format
Object ID disposalgh:smw:1567Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub issue 1567
Property naminggh:smw:1568#1568 to remove/strip invalid characters/tags from property name
Object ID disposalgh:smw:1570Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub issue 1570
Deferred updatesgh:smw:1578Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 1578
Type Booleangh:smw:1580Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 1580
Null editgh:smw:15851585 changes in 1.28
Null editgh:smw:1617:1
Parser cachegh:smw:1617:2
Special property MIME typegh:smw:162Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub issue 162
Query dependencygh:smw:1626Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 1626
Query dependencygh:smw:1627Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 1627
SQLStore and data diffsgh:smw:1648
Self-reference queriesgh:smw:1696Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub issue 1696
Maintenance script "rebuildData.php"gh:smw:1698Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub issue 1698: Can we make `rebuildData` to operate faster?
Type External identifiergh:smw:1708
Query profilergh:smw:1719
Browsing interfacesgh:smw:173
Maintenance script "rebuildData.php"gh:smw:1754:236913464Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub issue 1754 comment
Maintenance script "rebuildFulltextSearchTable.php"gh:smw:1763Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub issue 1763: Introducing the --v and --quick parameters
Property usage countgh:smw:1777Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 1777
Special:Askgh:smw:180Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 180
Referenced statementgh:smw:1808
Referenced statementgh:smw:1812
Count formatgh:smw:1833:246869905Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub issue 1833 comment
Preferred property labelgh:smw:1865
Special property Has property descriptiongh:smw:1874Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 1874
Template formatgh:smw:217Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 217
Maintenance script "rebuildData.php"gh:smw:243Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 243
Search feature "SMWSearch"gh:smw:450Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 450
Maintenance script "rebuildData.php"gh:smw:498Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub issue 498
Conceptsgh:smw:546Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 546
Localization and multilingual contentgh:smw:594
Maintenance script "dumpRDF.php"gh:smw:620Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 620
Maintenance script "rebuildData.php"gh:smw:643Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub issue 643
$smwgEnabledEditPageHelpgh:smw:659Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub issue 659
Type Recordgh:smw:664Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 664
Maintenance script "rebuildData.php"gh:smw:68e8bc9Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub commit 68e8bc9
Category formatgh:smw:699Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub issue 699
Maintenance script "rebuildData.php"gh:smw:749Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub issue 749
Working with the #set "template" parametergh:smw:756Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub issue 756
Maintenance script "rebuildData.php"gh:smw:766Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub issue 766
Category formatgh:smw:783Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub issue 783
Maintenance script "rebuildConceptCache.php"gh:smw:829Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 829
Maintenance script "rebuildPropertyStatistics.php"gh:smw:832Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub issue 832
Maintenance script "rebuildData.php"gh:smw:877Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub issue 877
Special property Has improper value forgh:smw:893Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub issue 893
Special property Has subobjectgh:smw:913Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 913
Special property MIME typegh:smw:914Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 914
Category formatgh:smw:974Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub issue 974
Referenced statementgh:smw:985
Table formatgh:smw:988Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 988
Template formatgh:smw:a832dc0Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub commit a832dc0
Template formatgh:smw:cbf79f5Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub commit cbf79f5
Datatables formatgh:srf:176:254289047Semantic Results Formats: GitHub issue request 176 comment
Schema definitiongithub.1330PR#1330
Notes on record typesgithub:seql:22
Outdated propertiesgithub:smw:1216
Notes on record typesgithub:smw:1275
Installation/Using symbolic linksgithub:smw:1466
Outdated propertiesgithub:smw:1474
Outdated entitiesgithub:smw:1483Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request 1483
Outdated entities (ru)github:smw:1483:ru
Import vocabulary (Vocabulary definition)github:smw:14881488 "ExportRDF produces XML Parsing Error: « xmlns:="" »"
Semantic MediaWiki and RDFgithub:smw:1520
Currencygithub:smw:1529#1529 User vs content language and the number parsing process
Outdated propertiesgithub:smw:601
Notes on record typesgithub:smw:8e4351f
Cachinginfoworld:3063161Why Redis beats Memcached for caching "... Memcached and Redis serve as in-memory, key-value data stores ... Redis gives you much greater flexibility regarding the objects you can cache. While Memcached limits key names to 250 bytes and works with plain strings only, Redis allows key names and values to be as large as 512MB ..."
Installation/Using symbolic linksins:symlinks"since I use symbolic links for almost all of them. With MW 1.23.x and SMW 2.3.1 there is no issue for me" on May 9, 2016 by Karsten Hoffmeyer
Referenced statementlogical.axiomAs a logical axiom "everything can be true unless proven otherwise", see The Open World Assumption
SPARQLStore/Exception/BadHttpDatabaseResponseExceptionmail.feb.6Ecountered BadHttpDatabaseResponseException
Examples/Subobject identifiers (named vs. anonymous)mail:5065801
Coding conventionsmail:td5066671Code structure "I’ve noticed that you have two parallel structures in your code base..."
Uri blacklistmail:td5067337MediaWiki:Smw_uri_blacklist purpose? on what is the use case of MediaWiki:Smw_uri_blacklist?
Job queuemail:tp5067904p5068301
Figments, myths, and misconceptionsmfc:1
Property namingmontiel2011styleElena Montiel-Ponsoda, Daniel Vila Suero, Vila Suero Villazón-Terrazas Boris D Montiel-Ponsoda E., Gordon Dunsire, Elena Escolano Rodríguez, Asunción Gómez-Pérez. "Style guidelines for naming and labeling ontologies in the multilingual web". Informatica (2011).
Deferred updatesmw:list:045677MediaWiki: "mediawiki-l" mailing list thread "Semantic MediaWiki 2.4 - first release candidate"
Deferred updatesmw:phab:T92357Mediawiki: Phabricator task T92357
Special property Display title ofnabble:user:smw:td5067142Semantic MediaWiki: User mailing list thread "Ask and Display title"
Type Textnabble:user:smw:tp5020618p5020801Semantic MediaWiki: User mailing list thread " Unable to query over the last words of a long text value "
Special property Allows patternowasp:redosRegular expression for Denial of Service
User rights and user groupsphab:mw:T50840Semantic MediaWiki: Phabricator task T50840
$smwgDVFeaturesphp:manual:bitoperatorsBitwise Operators to use parentheses to ensure the desired precedence ...
Cachingredis:apcuThe issue with APCu is that it will store its cache in the PHP shared memory and means that different PHP processes share the available memory. See also Additional notes for Redis vs. APCu on Memory Caching
Cachingredis:benchmarksHow fast is Redis?
Special property Allows patternregex:catastrophicCatastrophic Backtracking "...going in circles, and aborts the match attempt. Other regex engines ... will keep going forever ..."
Special property Allows
Localization and multilingual contentsandbox:1533#1533 Localization of date values
Localization and multilingual contentsandbox:1580#1580 Localization of boolean values
Localization and multilingual contentsandbox:1591#1591 Localization of numeric and quantity values
Localization and multilingual contentsandbox:berlin:pclBerlin to demonstrate the difference between page content and global content language.
Type Booleansandbox:smw:1580Semantic MediaWiki: sandbox example page (1580)
Special property Display precision ofsb:smw:1335Semantic MediaWiki: Sandbox example for pull request 1335
Localization and multilingual contentsb:smw:1533:2Property:Dwc:kingdom Localization of property descriptions in a user context
Installation/Troubleshootingscript:base directoryThis is the directory which contains the "LocalSettings.php" file.
Preferred property labelskos:altLabel:noteAt the time of this writing, skos:altLabel or alternative labels (different labels for the same language) are not supported.
Preferred property labelskos:prefLabelskos:prefLabel is described as "preferred lexical label for a resource, in a given language" and skos-primer notes further that "... it is recommended that no two concepts in the same KOS be given the same preferred lexical label for any given language tag ...", Retrieved from:
Special property Has property descriptionskos:scopeNoteskos:scopeNote described as " some, possibly partial, information about the intended meaning of a concept, especially as an indication of how the use of a concept is limited...", Retrieved from:
Working with the #set "separator" parametersmw:gerrit:32347Semantic MediaWiki: Gerrit commit 32347
Working with the #set "separator" parametersmw:phab:T38309Semantic Mediawiki: Phabricator task T38309 (Bugzilla bug 36309)
Installation/Using symbolic linkssmwcon:2015:ccThe Why and How of Wiki_Farms "use the WIKI_NAME environment variable as shown on slide 34, you need to make the modifications to your LocalSettings.php file shows on slide 23"
Examples/Subobject identifiers (named vs. anonymous)thread:srf:sobj:numIncorrect Sum if more than one property has same numerical value
Security and software vulnerabilitieswp:en:dosDenial-of-service attack (DoS) is an attempt to make a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended users, such as to temporarily or indefinitely interrupt or suspend services.
Security and software vulnerabilitieswp:en:redosRegular expression denial of service (ReDoS) is an algorithmic complexity attack that produces a denial-of-service by providing a regular expression that takes a very long time to evaluate.
Import vocabularyyu2014aLiyang Yu. "A Developer’s Guide to the Semantic Web". Springer Science + Business Media (2014). doi: 10.1007/978-3-662-43796-4