Help:Effective data import

ImportHelp:Effective data import

This page briefly shows which maintenance scripts to run when importing XML dumps to a wiki. If prior to the import, the QueryDependencyLinksStore has been enabled then inline queries using #ask are expected to be updated (with the help of the ParserCachePurgeJob) as each entity stores its dependencies from and to a query.

Users 1 note to use:

  1. "update.php" - just in case, normally not necessary
  2. "rebuildall.php" -to propagate categories
  3. "initSiteStats.php" - to bring site stats up to date
  4. "runJobs.php" - to clear the job queue
  5. "rebuildData.php" - to update semantic data
    NoteNote: This script is located in the maintenance directory of Semantic MedaiWiki.
  6. "runJobs.php" - to clear the job queue, again
  7. Done!