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Title $smwgFulltextSearchPropertyExemptionList
Description Sets the property keys for which value assignments are being exempted from the full-text indexing
Default setting See below
Software Semantic MediaWiki
First version supported 2.5.0
Last version supported still available
Configuration Full-text search
Keyword full-text search

$smwgFulltextLanguageDetection is a configuration parameter that sets the property keys for special properties which value assignments are being exempted from the full-text search indexing since they are either insignificant or mostly represent single terms which are not required to be searched via a full-text search or a proximity. It was introduced in Semantic MediaWiki

NoteNote: This setting only takes effect if the full-text search feature was enabled.

Default setting

$smwgFulltextSearchPropertyExemptionList = array(
	'_ASKFO', '_ASKST', '_ASKPA','_IMPO', '_LCODE', '_UNIT', '_CONV',
	'_TYPE', '_ERRT', '_INST', '_ASK', '_SOBJ', '_PVAL', '_PVALI',

This means that the special properties using the property keys set will use the standard LIKE/NLIKE expression when used in connection with the ~/!~ operator. See the "propertyLabels" section of the respective internationalization file for a complete list of property key and the special properties they stand for.2

In Semantic MediaWiki 2.5.1 the default setting was extended by "_REDI".3

Changing the default setting

Important noteImportant Note: The "rebuildFulltextSearchTable.php" maintenance script has to be run after changing the setting of this configuration parameter.

To modify this configuration setting, add the following lines to your "LocalSettings.php" file after the enableSemantics() call:

Also exempt the special properties "Allows pattern" and "Has uniqueness constraint" from being indexed
$smwgFulltextSearchPropertyExemptionList = array_merge(
	$smwgFulltextSearchPropertyExemptionList, array(
		'_PVUC', '_PVAP'
NoteNote: Removing property keys from this setting is not recommended.

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