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Help:Datatype "Boolean"Type:Boolean #LOCL formatter
Holds boolean (true/false) values
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The datatype Boolean is for attributes that can only have two possible values, called truth value. You can enter "true" or "false", also 1/0, yes/no, t/f, and y/n. Other languages may provide language-specific options.

To allow two arbitrary strings, or more than two possible values (such as no - maybe - probably - yes) use Help:Datatype "Text" with Property:Allows value to restrict the possible values. In many circumstances it may also be more appropriate to use a category instead of a Boolean.

Display formatting[edit]

By default, Boolean values will display true and false in queries. This can be changed by specifying a format string to control what is displayed for the true and false values of a property.

 |?Has boolean#<FORMATTER>