Working with the #set "separator" parameter

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"separator" parameter to #set
This page describes the "separator" parameter to the "#set" parser function.
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Semantic MediaWiki 1.9.0 introduced the |+sep=... parameter to the #set parser function. This parameter allows to declare a separator 12 for splitting value declarations assigned to a property.




 |Has text=fc00:123:8000::/%6;2001:db8::1428:57ab;2001:db8:0:8d3:0:8a2e:70:7344

NoteNote:  In this case only a silent annotation using #set is possible since the values e.g. "2001:db8::1428" which should be assigned to the property contain two consecutive colons "::" which cannot be use for in-text annotations. Other restricted characters or values that can only be annotated this way are square brackets or wiki-links.


For verification, see the property assignments to the "Has text" property on special page Special:Browse for this page.

More examples

See also this page for more examples using different separators.