#ask: annotation query marker

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#ask: syntax elements#ask: annotation query marker
Description Marks an inline query as part of an annotation1
Datatype support All datatypes
Component query marker
Software Semantic MediaWiki
First version supported Semantic MediaWiki 3.0.0 Released on an unknown date and compatible with MW 1.27.0 - 1.30.x.
Keyword self-reference · post process · annotation


To clearly identify which inline query using either the #ask or #show parser function is used as input for an annotation process, the @annotation marker is used to distinguish them, e.g. [[Another property::{{#show: {{FULLPAGENAME}} |?Some property |link=none |@annotation }}]] (display and annotate) as opposed to {{#show: {{FULLPAGENAME}} |?Some property |link=none }} (display) which is the default behavior.


[[SomeProperty:: {{#show: {{FULLPAGENAME}}  |?AnotherProperty |link=none |@annotation }}]]

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