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Property declarationHelp:Outdated properties

Outdated properties (a.k.a. orphaned properties, those with zero annotation references) 1 are expected to be removed after the "rebuildData.php" maintenance script2 has found no remaining references.

Sometimes the "zero" reference displayed in special page "Properties"Lists properties and displays their usage can be deceiving which is also why some properties remain in the list 3 because they still hold a reference beyond the normal "annotation" trait which includes:

  • Pre-defined properties are excluded from the removal procedure and are non-moveable4
  • User-defined properties marked with zero references but have been explicitly declared (type, description etc.) are not categorized as outdated (the user showed an intend to keep the property)
  • If the "QueryDependencyLinksStore" has been enabled then properties used as printrequest label are being taken into account when validating whether a property has remaining references or not


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