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Title $smwgDVFeatures
Description Sets the available features regarding property data values
Default setting See below
Software Semantic MediaWiki
First version supported 2.4.0
Last version supported still available
Configuration Installation
Keyword Output · Display · DataValue



See the DefaultSettings page for a detailed description.

Changing the default setting

Remove a feature flag

Removing the SMW_DV_WPV_DTITLE feature from the default setting.

$GLOBALS['smwgDVFeatures'] = $GLOBALS['smwgDVFeatures'] & ~SMW_DV_WPV_DTITLE;

Enable a feature flag

Enable support for SMW_DV_PVUC property trait.

$GLOBALS['smwgDVFeatures'] = $GLOBALS['smwgDVFeatures'] | SMW_DV_PVUC;

NoteNote:  Please use parentheses2 when combining different bit-operations to avoid a possible mismatch.

$GLOBALS['smwgDVFeatures'] = ( $GLOBALS['smwgDVFeatures'] & ~SMW_DV_WPV_DTITLE ) | SMW_DV_PVUC;

See also


  1. ^  Semantic MediaWiki: GitHub pull request #1417
  2. ^  Bitwise Operators to use parentheses to ensure the desired precedence ...