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Help:Datatype "Record"Help:Notes on record types

Record related datatypes rely on special treatment in SMW as the DataItem is stored as separate entity while display characteristics are that of a "flat" DataValue where in fact it is represented as DIContainer using ContainerSemanticData.

ResultArray1 2 contains special handing to allow to use the |+index=... output selector and QueryResultSerializer to contain extra export data necessary for the serialization for this datatype.


A new record type should be registered with the name to include `_rec` 1 so existing container related handling (as in case of ResultArray) can be make use of it.

Register a newly created record type as subtype 3.

	true // subtype
  • SMW\DataValues\MonolingualTextValue as _mlt_rec
  • SCI\DataValues\CitationFrequencyValue as _sci_freq_rec