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Property page showing the related warning message
Uniqueness violation in connection with an enabled $smwgFieldTypeFeatures
Entity lookup and disposal on special page "SemanticMediaWiki"

Property uniqueness (and hereby its literal (i.e. label) representation) is a requirement in Semantic MediaWiki to ensure that ID assignments are distinct and non arbitrary, yet under certain circumstances this requirement can be violated. For example, a user-defined property has turned into a pre-defined property (such as when an extension uses the entity space) with both entity descriptions to remain active.

To avoid contradictory assumptions, Semantic MediaWiki 3.01 and later will show a message on the property page where this requirement no longer holds true. It is expected that a data curator resolves the situation by either:

If the configuration parameter $smwgFieldTypeFeaturesSets relational database specific field type features is enabled, the detection will also mark misspellings such as KeyWords and Keywords on behalf of existing property declarations.

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