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Lists statistics about semantic data
Further Information
Provided by: Semantic MediaWiki
Added: 0.7
Removed: 2.5.8
In this wiki: Special:SemanticStatistics

SemanticStatistics is a special page that lists statistics to semantic data added to the wiki. This special page was introduced in Semantic MediaWiki 0.7Released on 28 April 2007 and compatible with MW 1.8.x - 1.10.x. as special page "ExtendedStatistics" and was improved and renamed to its current name starting with Semantic MediaWiki 1.0Released on 31 December 2007 and compatible with MW 1.9.x - 1.12.x..

The information displayed on this page includes the number of property values assignments (annotations), the total number of properties including wanted properties listed on special page "WantedProperties"Lists used properties with no explicit datatype assignment and unused properties listed special page "UnusedProperties"Lists properties with an explicit datatype assignment without having a value assignment (annotation). It also informs how many properties were set up properly with a datatype assignement.

Starting with Semantic MediaWiki 1.9.0Released on 3 January 2014 and compatible with MW 1.19.0 - 1.22.x. semantic statistics also display on MediaWiki's special page "Statistics" which were in later version gradually extended to show statistics beyond the extent of this special page. Thus this special page was removed starting with Semantic MediaWiki 3.0.0Released on 11 October 2018 and compatible with MW 1.27.0 - 1.31.x..1


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