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Error produced by the upgrade and setup consistency check
Information status about the upgrade progress

The upgrade and setup consistency check was introduce to validate the status of the database and settings that "shape" the structure of tables and indices. The local upgrade key (located in the setup information file ".smw.json") is compared against a computed key resulting from the $smwgUpgradeKeySets the current database schema version and other settings that influence the shape of the required tables.

If the ".smw.json" file does not exist or contains an invalid upgrade key then the software stops before it can access any data or the database.

Error message[edit]

An error message is shown to the user (see also the screenshot) and the wiki will no longer be accessible until an administrator takes action to minimize any possibility of data loss due to changes in the database structure that is required by the upgrade.

Upgrade and maintenance message[edit]

Once the upgrade is in progress, the information screen will change its appearance and inform the audience about the relative status. The screen will refresh itself every 30 seconds and be released after the maintenance script has been successfully completed together with the setup information file ".smw.json" update.

The progress1 cannot be quantified in terms of a resource estimation as to when activities are completed due to its dependency on the available hardware, the amount of data2, and the required schema changes expected.

Related settings[edit]


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