Figments, myths, and misconceptions


This page tries to clarify and solve some misconceptions about Semantic MediaWiki that came to public record or have been voiced by users or host providers.

" ... the extension for use on wikis because of the complexity of configuration and how much it changes MediaWiki as a default. ..." 1

as for changes MediaWiki
Semantic MediaWiki does not alter any MediaWiki core tables or functions of it. It also does not patch any core classes or provide code that may intentionally break during a release change as it does not modify classes outside of its own namespace. The Semantic MediaWiki extension is complementary to the MediaWiki system in facilitating the existing API and hooks mechanism that any extension is free to use to provide additional functionality. Data are stored in auxiliary tables that are independent from MediaWiki and can be added or removed (given an appropriate maintenance work) without introducing system instabilities.
as for complexity of configuration
Semantic MediaWiki can be installed without requiring any additional configuration or customisation, yet it does require attention to detail when disabling or enabling certain features which are described comprehensibly either on-wiki or in DefaultSettings.php.

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