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Adding tooltips
Has description::Adding an icon with a tooltip
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Provided by: Has component::Semantic MediaWiki
Minimum version: Has minimum version::1.4.0
Maximum version: Has maximum version::still supported
Function: has parser function::yes
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Name: Has name::#info
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The parser function #info allows to add tooltips containing additional information or warnings.


{{#info: <text> | <icon> }}



The first parameter displays the text in the #info bubble and should only contain inline HTML elements. There is limited support for wikitext formatting such as bold, italics and internal links. No paragraphs, tables, lists or any other block elements are allowed. One should also avoid using empty lines (because empty line will terminate one paragraph and start another one) and equal signs (see the tips section). Refraining from those guidelines could lead to incorrect HTML code and rendering (e. g. part of text after empty line could be rendered in the page, not in the bubble).


In case a second parameter is passed onto to #info, it will influences the display of the icon. If an incorrect parameter is used then the parameter will be silently ignored, and the default info icon will be displayed instead.

Allowed values are:

Icon Description Example
info A blue icon with question mark; default {{#info: test }}
note A orange icon with exclamation mark. note }}
warning A yellow icon with exclamation mark. warning}}


Code Result Comment
Some inline text {{#info:Text to be shown in a bubble.}} Some inline text {{#info:Text to be shown in a bubble.}} Click on the icon to see the bubble.
Telephone number{{#info:Please enter it in the format e.g. +49-30-55874265|note}} note}} Available since Semantic MediaWiki 1.9.0
2011-02-29 {{#info:Incorrect date.|warning}} warning}} Available since Semantic MediaWiki 1.7.0

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