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Is property group
Property to identify a group category and to support a simple grouping feature in Special:Browse
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Provided by: extension "Semantic MediaWiki "Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) is a free, open-source extension to MediaWiki that lets you store and query data within the wiki's pages. Semantic MediaWiki is also a full-fledged framework, in conjunction with many spinoff extensions, that can turn a wiki into a powerful and flexible knowledge management system. All data created within SMW can easily be published via the Semantic Web, allowing other systems to use this data seamlessly.
Added: 3.0.0
Removed: still in use
Alias: has no alias
Optional: no
Visible: yes
Annotable: no
Declarative: yes
Setting: not specified
Focus: property information
In this wiki: Property:Is property group
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NoteNote: This property is being documented, so it is incomplete. You can edit this page to improve the documentation.

The Is property group property is a special property in Semantic MediaWiki with a built-in meaning: it holds the support of a simple grouping feature in Special:Browse by which properties that are annotated with a group category are being displayed in the same section. It was introduced in Semantic MediaWiki 3.0.0Released on 11 October 2018 and compatible with MW 1.27.0 - 1.31.x..1


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