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Title $smwgSearchByPropertyFuzzy
Description Sets whether the "Search by property" special page should display nearby results.
Default setting
array( '_num', '_txt', '_dat' );
Software Semantic MediaWiki
Introduced with 1.1.0
Deprecated with still available
Configuration Interface settings · Facts display
Keyword Interface settings · Special page
Referenced by N/A

$smwgSearchByPropertyFuzzy is a configuration parameter that is used to set whether the "Search by property" special page should display nearby results if there are only few results available. The setting was introduced in Semantic MediaWiki 1.1.0. It may be switched off if this special page has performance problems.

Starting with Semantic MediaWiki 2.1.0 this setting works for properties of datatype "Number", "Text" or "Date". Before that only properties of datatype "Number" displayed nearby results.

Default setting

SMW ≥ 2.1.0
$smwgSearchByPropertyFuzzy = array( '_num', '_txt', '_dat' );
SMW < 2.1.0
$smwgSearchByPropertyFuzzy = 'true';

Changing the default setting


To disable page-related special properties the following setting is used:

$smwgSearchByPropertyFuzzy = array( ); // SMW ≥ 2.1.0 only


$smwgSearchByPropertyFuzzy = 'false'; // all versions


Starting with Semantic MediaWiki 2.1.0 the default setting my be changed to another set of datatypes. There are different possibilities to do so by overriding the existing configuration with a different set of labels corresponding to the respective datatypes.

$smwgSearchByPropertyFuzzy = array( '_num', '_dat' );


$smwgSearchByPropertyFuzzy = array( '_txt' );