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Monolingual text
Holds a text value that associates the annotation with a specific language code
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Provided by: Semantic MediaWiki
Added in version: 2.4.0
Removed in version: still in use
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The datatype Monolingual text1 associates a text value with a specific language code. The annotation form is expected as foo@en with the first element being an arbitrary text while the second element divided by @ to contain a valid language code.


  • Internally each MonolingualTextValue is stored as separate entity using the ContainerSemanticData construct allowing for `foo@en` to be different from `foo@ja` by its data structure (oppose to a string comparison which only would establish that two strings are different but without the semantic interpretation that for the cited example only the language code is different).
  • [[Has monolingual text::some text@en]] is identical to [[Has monolingual text::some text@EN]] because language codes are transformed to a IETF language tag / BCP47 (Localizer::asBCP47FormattedLanguageCode).
  • The Language code is internally managed by the "Language code" special property


[[Has monolingual text::foo@ja]]

 |Has monolingual text=foo@en
 [[Has monolingual text::?@ja]]
 |?Has monolingual text|+index=1

Display text in context of a language:

 |@category=Test one
 |Has monolingual text=123@en
 |@category=Test one
 |Has monolingual text=一二三@ja
 [[Category:Test one]]
 [[Has monolingual text::?@{{USERLANG}}]]
 |?Has monolingual text|+index=1

See <> for live examples.

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See also


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