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Telephone number
Holds international telephone numbers based on the RFC 3966 standard
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Added in version: 1.5.0
Removed in version: still in use
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The datatype telephone number is used for international telephone numbers that are to be stored in a standardized format. The datatype will try to interpret the phone number according to RFC 3966 so that it can be exported in a machine-readable format using tel: URIs.

Applications that do not need any re-use or validation of telephone numbers can also use datatype "Text" to store arbitrary human-readable phone number strings.

Declaration and Usage

A property of this type can be declared by writing [[has type::Telephone number]] on the property page.

Values of this property are complete phone number strings including country code. It is allowed to use the symbols "/", "-", ".", or " " to structure phone numbers in a readable way. Global numbers must always start with "+" or "00". Optionally, it is allowed to write the RFC 3966 URI prefix "tel:" in front of any telephone number.

The datatype does not support local numbers (without global country code). Moreover, it is not allowed to use vanity numbers since the mapping from letters to numbers is not standardised internationally.


Below are some examples of correct phone numbers:

[[testphone::+353 91 555561]]
[[testphone::+ 353 91 555562]]
[[testphone::+353 91 5 55563]]
[[testphone::00353 91 555565]]
[[testphone::00353 / 91555566]]

It is allowed to write tel:in front of any of these examples, as in [[testphone::tel:+353.91.555559]]. Moreover, some special fields are also allowed (see RFC 3966 for explanation):


However, the following examples are not allowed and will lead to errors:

[[testphone::+353 (0) 91 555555]]
[[testphone::091 555 555]]
[[testphone::+353-91-55555-5 after 6pm]]

Semantic search

Using telephone number properties for searching pages can be done in a similar fashion as for all other properties; see Help:Semantic search. As with any property, you can use the "+" wildcard to select all pages with some value for a telephone number property, for example {{#ask: [[testphone::+]] }}.

This documentation page applies to all SMW versions from 1.5.0 to the most current version.
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