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Provides functions for wiki administrators that assist in doing their administration work
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Provided by: Semantic MediaWiki
Added: 2.5.0
Removed: still available
In this wiki: Special:SemanticMediaWiki

SemanticMediaWiki is a special page that provides functions for the software administrators of Semantic MediaWiki. This special page was introduced in Semantic MediaWiki 2.5.0Released on 14 March 2017 and compatible with MW 1.23.0 - 1.29.x. as the modernized as well as substantially extended version of the precursing special page "SMWAdmin"Provides functions for the software administrators that assist in doing their administration work1 which is now just an alias for "SemanticMediaWiki" to keep the page accessible for legacy reasons.2

Administrative functions and information provided[edit]

NameDescriptionHelp Page
Configuration settingsAllows to view the configuration parameters and their settingsHelp:Special page "SemanticMediaWiki" - configuration settings
Data rebuildAllows to rebuild the semantic data in the storage backendHelp:Special page "SemanticMediaWiki" - data rebuild
Database installation and upgradeAllows to setup and upgrade the tables to hold the semantic data in the storage backendHelp:Special page "SemanticMediaWiki" - database installation and upgrade
Deprecation noticesInforms about changes to the availability of configuration parametersHelp:Special page "SemanticMediaWiki" - deprecation notices
Duplicate entitiesAllows to view information about duplicate entitiesHelp:Special page "SemanticMediaWiki" - duplicate entities
Full-text search index rebuildAllows to rebuild the index for the full-text searchHelp:Special page "SemanticMediaWiki" - full-text search index rebuild
Getting supportProvides links to various sources of information concerned with Semantic MediaWikiHelp:Special page "SemanticMediaWiki" - getting support
Object ID lookup and disposalAllows to dispose of outdated entitiesHelp:Special page "SemanticMediaWiki" - object ID lookup and disposal
Operational statisticsAllows to view the collected operational statisticsHelp:Special page "SemanticMediaWiki" - operational statistics
Property statistics rebuildAllows to rebuild the statistics for property dataHelp:Special page "SemanticMediaWiki" - property statistics rebuild
Wiki registrationAllows to register your wiki publicly and enables external statistics collectionHelp:Special page "SemanticMediaWiki" - wiki registration
Special:SemanticMediaWiki/General functions
Special:SemanticMediaWiki/Maintenance functions
Special:SemanticMediaWiki/Supplementary functions


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