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The Object ID lookup function allows to retrieve information about specific data object IDs. It is accessible via the "SMWAdmin" special page. Object IDs are stored in the "smw_object_ids" database table used by Semantic MediaWiki and contain information about their respective e.g. namespace, title and subobject. This information may be useful when identifying a specific problem causing the "rebuildData.php" maintenance script to fail.


Looking up object ID 53:

        "smw_title": "Main_page",
        "smw_namespace": "0",
        "smw_iw": "",
        "smw_subobject": "_QUERY0042b2cb7632c8084d1923eda1f26b93"
  • "smw_title" - holds the name of the page which stores the data object
  • "smw_namespace" - holds the ID of the namespace the above page is located in
  • "smw_iw" - holds interwiki data from the database
  • "smw_subobject" - holds the ID of the subobject which stores the data object


  • Not every object ID holds all of the information. If the respective information is not there "" is prompted instead (see e.g. "smw_iw" in the example provided above).
  • In case only false is returned instead of the data displayed in the example above the respective object ID is simply not available.
  • ID can either match a MediaWiki or Semantic MediaWiki table entry1

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This documentation page applies to all SMW versions from 1.9.2 to the most current version.

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