Help:Configuration parameter "$smwgLinksInValues"

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Title $smwgLinksInValues
Description Sets whether internal links may be stored within property values.
Default setting
Software Semantic MediaWiki
First version supported 1.3.0
Last version supported still available
Configuration Installation
Keyword Property

$smwgLinksInValues is a configuration parameter that sets whether internal links within property values of datatype "String" (< SMW 1.9.0) or "Text" such as e.g. [[Property::Some [[internal link]] in property value.]] may be stored. The setting was introduced in Semantic MediaWiki 1.3.0.

Important noteImportant Note: If enabled, this may lead to PHP crashes (!) when very long texts are used as values. This is due to limitations in earlier versions of the library PCRE that PHP uses for pattern matching. The provoked PHP crashes will prevent requests from being completed - usually clients will receive server errors like e.g. "invalid response" or be offered to download "index.php". In later versions this may cause the maintenance script "rebuildData.php" to fail.1 It might however be okay to enable this if such problems are not observed in your wiki.

Starting with Semantic MediaWiki ??? it is possible to use the #set parser function to annotate links in values without the need to change this configuration parameter. See also the demo page on how to do this.

NoteNote:  The results of a query displayed on special page "Ask" are not parsed further even if this setting is enabled. This means that results for properties of datatype "Text" containing links will be displayed as-is, i.e. links like SMW Project within the data value will be displayed as [[Help:SMW Project|SMW Project]].