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Wiki of the Month was a community initiative which ran from 2010 to 2015 to bring semantic wikis and their varied uses of Semantic MediaWiki into the spotlight. The following 61 sites have all been featured as Wiki of the Month on

Logo Name Description Month
IsleofWight-Logo.PNG Around Isle of Wight is dedicated to bringing users the inside track on all you need to know about the Isle of Wight. December 2012
EVA Wiki - Main page.png [[]]
Funtoo Linux.png Funtoo Linux is a Linux-based operating system that is a variant of Gentoo Linux. September 2014
Droplogo.png Dropedia is a wiki that allows scientists and others to catalog and analyze information about water scarcity in the Lower Jordan Valley. October 2014
640px-SporeWikiLogo4.png SporeWiki is a wiki for the community of players and fans of the 2008 video game Spore. October 2013
Yellpedia winner CORECT.jpg is the world's first complete Geo-Social Encyclopedia/Yellow Pages. The entire United States Yellow Pages data has been uploaded via a special script to create over 10 million pages of listings. May 2013
TeleWiki.png TeleWiki is a knowledge base about business internet and telecommunications in The Netherlands June 2015
Screenshot shopping2020MP.png ShoppingTomorrow supports Dutch retail experts in the creation of a book on e-commerce and in sharing knowledge and best practices on retail and e-commerce. November 2014
Newbee logo.png NewBEE Technology Wiki provides information on energy-efficient building refurbishment, in the context of a European research project. April 2015
Newbee logo.png NewBEE Technology Wiki provides information on energy-efficient building refurbishment, in the context of a European research project. April 2015
SNPedia logo 155x46 transColor.png SNPedia is a wiki investigating human genetics, that keeps track of all of the scientific literature known about each position in the human genome, otherwise known as a Single Nucleotide Polymorphism or SNP ("snip"). September 2013
Baseswiki.jpg BASESwiki - Business and Society Exploring Solutions is an initiative of the UN Secretary-General's Special Representative on Business and Human Rights, undertaken in cooperation with the Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative at Harvard Kennedy School. The core mission of BASESwiki is to improve access to, and the development of, rights-compatible mechanisms for addressing grievances between companies and the communities in which they operate. December 2010
Fsd-logo.png Free Software Directory is a catalog of useful free software that can run on free operating systems, hosted and maintained by the Free Software Foundation. December 2013
ParentVoiceLogo.png ParentVoice is a Hampshire, England-wide network of parents and carers of children and young people with additional needs aged 0-19. Parent Voice provides local information and advice, newsletters and a comprehensive events calendar. August 2012
LogoWhealton.png Whealton Family Genealogy is a wiki that was set up to research and share the genealogy of the Whealton family. It makes use of external vocabularies like FOAF, BIO and REL. November 2011
Baatwiki logo.png Båtwiki (pronounced "boatwiki") is a Norwegian-language wiki dedicated to practical boating information. January 2014
ICCL-wiki-screenshot.png International Center For Computational Logic is a center of teaching and research in the field of computational logic at the Dresden University of Technology in Germany May 2015
OLPClogo.png One Laptop per Child focuses on children's education, access to networks of collaboration, and access to knowledge in every region, in the local language, and for every age range and subject matter. One Laptop per Child spreads the power of education by equipping children in rural parts of developing countries with connected laptops. November 2012
HelioWiki Logo.png HelioWiki is an intranet wiki that powers the Quality Management System for Heliocentris, an energy efficiency solutions company July 2015
Verwaltungskooperation.png Verwaltungskooperation is a German-language wiki that holds knowledge about cooperation in public administration (the meaning of "Verwaltungskooperation"). The wiki focuses mainly on documenting projects, people, institutions, literature and further resources related to such cooperation around Austria and Germany. March 2011
TethysLogo.png Tethys facilitates the creation, annotation, and exchange of information on the environmental effects of Marine and Hydrokinetic (MHK) and Offshore Wind (OSW) technology. April 2013
Nycfacetslogo with tagline.png NYCFacets is a Smart Open Data Exchange that catalogs all the metadata for New York City (NYC) related data sources. NYCFacets exposes all the metadata in the NYC Open Data Catalog and leverages SMW's built-in searching mechanisms to improve discovery and exploration. March 2012
SKYbrary.png SKYbrary is a single point of reference for aviation safety knowledge, run by the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (EUROCONTROL). April 2014
Plant Encyclopedia Logo.png The Plant Encyclopedia aims to provide the most extensive and superior access to plant information globally. By having open and publicly-authored pages for every plant on Earth, The Plant Encyclopedia will build the most comprehensive horticulture canon for all of humanity's and the Earth's benefit. June 2012
TripleAlogo.png Triple A is a site that provides IT architecture information for educational organizations. It supports MBO-scholen (Dutch secondary schools) wanting to innovate educational processes. January 2013
LogoDomotiki.png Domotiki aims to bring together all the knowledge and information in the field of automation for including hardware, software, protocols, dealers, installers and builders. March 2013
Wiki Law School - Logo.png Wiki Law School is a knowledge base about law schools in the United States also providing outlines for every legal topic covered by them. It was primarily developed for law students, but it can also be helpful to anyone who is interested in learning about the law. September 2012
Beachapedia Logo 72.jpg Beachapedia captures decades of experience and knowledge gained by Surfrider Foundation activists, scientists and staff through hundreds of environmental and educational campaigns on our coasts. By sharing this resource with the public we hope to provide tools and information to help communities make a positive impact on their local beaches. February 2012
GrazLogo.png Graz Wiki is a wiki that attempts to document the unique architectural heritage of the city of Graz, the second largest city in Austria. The project is part of the Graz initiative "SOKO Altstadt" ("old town social cooperative"), which aims to preserve the city's architectural landmarks. July 2012
Honestcollars logo.jpg honestcollars is a startup from India that provides listings and reviews for workers from the blue collar sector. December 2014
BasaBaliWiki Screenshot.png BASAbaliWiki is a Balinese-English-Indonesian reference dictionary wiki. February 2015
Wdoc-logo.png World Directory of Churches is a wiki dedicated to cataloging every Christian church on the planet, regardless of language, size, creed, or denomination. February 2014
RopeWiki.png RopeWiki is a wiki containing information about technical, rope-based outdoor recreation, particularly canyoneering. March 2015
HR Metadata ontwikkel search.png HR Metadata is a wiki that describes the metadata of IT systems used in the HR processes of the Dutch national government. June 2014
KnowIt logo.png KnowIt is an internal wiki run within Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development to manage information about the technology, people and data within the organization. It is also gaining use as a general data store for the parent company, Johnson & Johnson. August 2011
PracticalPlantsLogo.PNG Practical Plants is a collaboratively edited plant encyclopedia covering the subject of plants cultivated for practical purposes, with a strong bias towards organic agriculture and sustainability. August 2013
WikiApiaryLogo.png WikiApiary gathers statistics and usage information about 5,500 MediaWiki installations with more being added each day. Tracking 1,935,719,662 edits and counting... June 2013
Food Finds logo.png Food Finds is a wiki devoted to finding the best places to eat all over the world, from restaurants and cafes to markets, street stalls and food carts. December 2011
Portal-1-start.png AIFB Web Portal of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology uses SMW to turn a wiki into a powerful content management system. A carefully crafted look, bilingual content management, and the artful use of forms and queries all combine into an inspiring demonstration of how semantic wikis can go beyond traditional applications. November 2010
SEQwiki logo.jpg SEQwiki is a wiki database of tools, service providers, and tutorials for analyzing DNA data retrieved through high-throughput sequencing (HTS). It was created and is run by the community at January 2012
AquariumWikiLogo.png The Aquarium Wiki is a collaborative location to find and share information related to aquarium life, as well as reviews of products, companies, and clubs listings across the world. October 2012
SaveMLAK logo.png SaveMLAK is a wiki that holds information about museums, libraries, archives and kominkan (community centers) (MLAK) in Japan that were damaged by the March 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami. It is part of a larger project that attempts to coordinate the recovery of these facilities. June 2011
2014-06-09 Logo-round-white-FB.png childrenarewelcome is a site of child-friendly venues, mostly in the UK. August 2014
Our Brant screenshot.png Our Brant is a local-history wiki created by the County of Brant Public Library, meant to allow local residents, including historians and genealogists, to collaborate on historical information about the County of Brant, Ontario, Canada. Our Brant is hosted on Wikia. February 2011
ICCL-wiki-screenshot.png International Center For Computational Logic is a center of teaching and research in the field of computational logic at the Dresden University of Technology in Germany May 2015
Pnnl logo.png CSA Central is an internal site that was created to help address this issue by fostering better networking and information sharing between the various groups and individuals that comprise the Computational & Statistical Analytics (CSA) division at PNNL. October 2011
BiodiversityOfIndia-logo.jpg Biodiversity of India is a wiki run under the umbrella of Project Brahma, a not-for-profit initiative aimed at creating awareness about biodiversity conservation and the domino effects of species loss in India and across the world. Project Brahma aims to create such awareness by increasing participation of the people in biodiversity documentation and conservation. May 2012
Familypedia front.png Familypedia is a free-to-use public website for genealogy and family history, started in 2004, hosted by Wikia. It began using Semantic MediaWiki in 2009. January 2011
Citeevidence-wiki-logo inspect.png CiteEvidence is a wiki for recording assertions that serves as a back-end database for fact-checking tools. July 2014
EVA-logo.png EVA Wiki is a private wiki used to support operations of the International Space Station at NASA Johnson Space Center. August 2015
Raven trees3.png Natural History of Southeast Alaska is a comprehensive resource about the species found in Southeast Alaska, including observational data. November 2013
Sasongsmat BETA.png Säsongsmat is a wiki-based project focused on sharing food recipes as well as offering ecological, economical and nutritional information about the each ingredient in the recipe. September 2011
OGDcockpitLogo.PNG OGD Cockpit is a demonstration site meant to showcase the potential of Semantic MediaWiki in supporting a collaborative effort of interactively putting together a data catalog inside public administrations. July 2013
OpenEI Banner Icon.png or Open Energy Information, is a website sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, that uses Semantic MediaWiki to enable widespread sharing of energy information, including data, tools, models, and other digital resources. It was launched in November 2009, and contains over 40,000 pages and over 1 million property values. May 2011
WikiDebLogo.png WikiDeb is a collaborative website that provides information on the proposals and statements in debate, maps the opinions and positions of multiple actors, and identifies discussions on a theme or actor. February 2013
Gardenology-main-page.PNG is a "complete plant and garden wiki encyclopedia", that holds nearly 20,000 articles relating to plants, including plant cultivation, propagation and maintenance. It was launched in 2007, and has been using Semantic MediaWiki since 2009. April 2011
TTA2.png The Traditional Tune Archive is a web-based information storing and retrieval tool dedicated to instrumental music of the past 300 years traditionally used for dancing in Ireland, Great Britain, and North America. It is a semantic system in which the meanings (semantics) of information are organized in a way that makes it possible for the web to "understand" and satisfy the requests of people and machines to use the content. April 2012
Wikiparques.png WikiParques is a Portuguese-language wiki about the national parks and protected areas of Brazil, run by the NGO ((o))eco. May 2014
Acawiki-logo-135x135.png AcaWiki is a wiki designed to collect summaries and literature reviews of peer-reviewed academic research, and make them available to the general public. It summarizes academic papers from economics, psychology, sociology, business and computer science, among other fields. July 2011
Logo LISTedTECH big.gif LISTedTECH is a wiki of educational technology companies and products, and the institutions that use them. January 2015
LibrePlanet-logo.png LibrePlanet is a wiki used to organize local free software advocacy groups as well as general free software efforts, run by the Free Software Foundation. March 2014

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