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Conception of Triple A
Conception of Triple A

Triple A is a Semantic MediaWiki site that provides IT architecture information for educational organizations. It supports MBO-scholen (Dutch secondary schools) wanting to innovate educational processes. The vocational education system is changing and the demand for flexible, affordable and well-organized education grows. Triple A has worked to develop the vision of education through functional designs.

Why SMW?[edit]

The platform was selected because an approachable platform was needed for our target user group, which consists of a great variety of people: Information analysts, Project managers, Line management, IT architects, Teachers, Students etc. In addition to approachable, a smart platform was also needed to combine structured and unstructured data.

How is SMW used?[edit]

For the Triple A site a wiki was chosen to allow for the annotation of data throughout the site. This allows the site to make relationships between subjects and content pages with little effort.

Custom skin[edit]

The wiki has a website-style front-end to make it more accessible, but underneath is a full SMW implementation. A custom skin was developed to hide many of the elements that Triple A wanted restricted from the everyday user. The Triple A custom skin also strengthens brand identity and allows Triple A to decide how they want their users to interact with their site.


The wiki uses several interesting extensions, such as extensions to create custom ebook or PDF extracts of the architecture encyclopedia, as well as some self-developed extensions for front-end integration. These extensions were created as a joint effort of SaMBO-ICT and ArchiXL. SaMBO-ICT is a knowledge center for MBO-level education and ArchiXL is an IT-architecture and knowledge management consulting agency.

Extension "Page Forms"
Used to input data into the wiki by a select group of users.
Extension "Semantic Glossary"
Semantic Glossary term definition
Semantic Glossary term definition
Semantic Glossary is a MediaWiki extension that lets you define terms and abbreviations together with a definition. This extension was used to display a glossary term 'sdefinition within a content page when it is hovered over using the mouse cursor.
ePubExport is a MediaWiki extension that converts wiki pages into an ebook-readable files, in epub format.