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RopeWiki is a Semantic MediaWiki-based site containing information about technical, rope-based outdoor recreation, particularly canyoneering.

Overview and history[edit]

RopeWiki was started in October 2012 as a knowledge repository for the rather unique techniques used by canyoneers, such as the figure 8 block. A robust and flexible route description system was later added using Semantic MediaWiki features, in November 2013. It now has a number of SMW-backed features such as a rating system, trip reports, and "favorites" lists for registered users.

Usage of SMW[edit]

There are many sites on the internet describing canyoneering routes, but they are spread out and in different formats so finding a list of canyons that one might visit in a particular area was difficult. RopeWiki solves this problem by making it easy for contributors to attach a rich set of data to canyon descriptions so that they can be found through a hierarchical region structure, on an interactive map, by recent trip reports, or with a certain set of difficulty criteria. The main form for submitting new route descriptions is the Canyon form.

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