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Whether you’re looking for interesting places to visit, exciting things to do, or a particular product or service, Around Isle of Wight is dedicated to bringing users the inside track on all you need to know about the island.

For locals, it’s a community resource that lets users both view and list information – from business services, shops, clubs and events in your area. And island visitors can see what’s going on and find out about local restaurants, accommodation and other useful information. The site also offers local businesses free advertising space to promote community trade.

The site is proving popular, averaging 120,000+ impressions a month. Around Isle of Wight was built and skinned by Prescient Software.

Community Contributions[edit]

All the new functionality was released to the MediaWiki community.

Semantic Result Formats[edit]

Unsage of result format "filtered" on Around Isle of Wight

Two new result printers of the Extension "Semantic Result Formats" extension were developed for this site.

Filtered Format[edit]

Filtered was developed to replace the now defunct exhibit format. The filtering allows user to quickly find the information they are looking for in an simple and intuitive way. It can be seen running here.


Slideshow allows result sets (not just images) to be displayed as a slideshow using templates with various transition effects. This can be seen in action in the What's On element on the homepage.

Semantic Page Series[edit]

A new extension was also written to allow the provision of a sophisticated event management system: Extension "Semantic Page Series"


The skin for the site was built from scratch. It has been specifically designed to be clear and engaging and has received very positive comments from the user base.

Improved Free Text Search[edit]

The SphinxSearch full text search engine is used to give an enriched search experience. The Sphinx search engine can operate on a stand-alone server which enables people to use this function within an internal network.

Other Extensions[edit]

Adding an event on Around Isle of Wight

Other key extensions used: