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Wiki Law School is a knowledge base that was primary developed for law students, but it can also be helpful to anyone who is interested in learning about the law.

About Wiki Law School[edit]

The most helpful section of this wiki provides outlines for every legal topic covered in law school. Everyone is invited and encouraged to participate in the editing process, which will result in the most complete outlines around.


Wiki Law School was created by a law student who saw a need to provide a forum that allows many law students to create and edit outlines for studying any legal topic. He also saw a need for a site where attorneys and/or law students can go to get a quick, up to date, refresher of the same legal topics.


Wiki Law School is a great resource for law students preparing for final exams. There is more than one way that the legal outlines will help you:

  • As you go through your class notes, you can compare them to the outlines to fill in the gaps in your notes. You will be able to discuss with fellow students around the country about what the law is. You can scrutinize the current Wiki Law School outline, correcting any mistakes or adding to any topics. By actively working on the outlines, you will be able to improve your own understanding of the legal topics.
  • As you study and memorize the outlines that others have posted and edited, you will learn the material.

The Law School Project[edit]

Geographic location of law schools
Geographic location of law schools

The goal of the Law School Project is to create an article for each law school in the United States. Each of the 207 articles are initially imported from Wikipedia and then processed to include properties. The data on each law school page is stored within the article infobox which allows for the data to be queried and displayed in a variety of ways, such displaying the location of law schools within the United States on a map.

Law Professors[edit]

Job offerings collected on the wiki
Job offerings collected on the wiki

Each Law Professor page has an infobox with data about each professor such as Name, Law School, Subjects, Wiki Law School Outlines, Websites and a photo. These pages allow the professor's former and current students and associates to share information about them that will help future students to make informed decisions when selecting their classes.

Extensions used[edit]

Semantic MediaWiki Used to capture data for law outlines, cases, law schools and professors.
Extension "Page Forms" Makes the capturing of the data more user friendly.
Extension "Maps" Allows for the location data to be show using a map.