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WikiParques is a Semantic MediaWiki site that lets citizens share their knowledge about, explore and discuss the national parks and protected areas of Brazil. The wiki is entirely in Portuguese.

Overview and history[edit]

A map of a park outline, using the Maps extension, Google Maps and Fusion Tables

The wiki was launched on April 2014 as a project by the Brazilian NGO ((o))eco to let people create, edit, discuss and post pictures of brazilian protected areas. Together they cover an area of 1.5 million km2, or 17% of the Brazilian territory.

The project started with pages about all 69 national parks, and after the first 2 weeks there were already another 30 new pages about state parks, biological reserves and private areas, and over 100 photos were uploaded.

Using Semantic MediaWiki[edit]

A form to edit a page, using Semantic Forms

Semantic MediaWiki is used to help users create the pages for the parks and select the proper categories, biomes and other technical info, and to automatically assign the pages to the right state, type and biome categories. A form is also used to help the photos to be assigned to the right protected area.

Future plans[edit]

There are plans to offer an English-language version of WikiParques.