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The Aquarium Wiki is a collaborative location to find and share information related to aquarium life, as well as reviews of products, companies, and clubs listings across the world.



The Aquarium Wiki is a free encyclopaedia developed in 2006 by a couple of aquarium owners who saw the need for a comprehensive collective guide that allowed anyone to edit its content under the one roof.

Alongside each Aquarium Wiki article a primary or secondary sources (reference links to other sites or books) is also submitted to back up the text users will read. There is also a small group of keen aquarium hobbyists who moderate the content so it is kept current.

The Aquarium Wiki has a number of unique features like the ability to add their search engine in a web browser so the information is always readily accessible. There is also a forum that is closely linked with the encyclopaedia so that it allows anyone to openly criticise or praise the site or its content.



The articles at the Aquarium Wiki are mainly centered around fish, invertebrates and coral. Each article is placed into a category based on what type of water the creature lives in: salt water, fresh water or brackish water. Each article contains a widely developed set of data to include sections like tank compatibility, diet, feeding regime, environment specifics and behavior.

Each article page includes a infobox which contains the most vital information related to the page topic and its care. Annotating this data inside the page's infobox and article allows the user to easily search for vital information without relying on MediaWikis sub-par built-in search tool.

Tourist Guide[edit]

The Tourist Guide is dedicated to sharing information related to aquariums all over the world. Each aquarium article has a short write-up which includes a description of what exhibits you will see, the entry fees as well as pictures.

Community Participation[edit]

The Aquarium Wiki welcomes and encourages participation from the community in the development of it's articles. Extension "Page Forms" is used to facilitate the initial input of article data into the wiki platform. After the initial infobox development it is then easier for users to develop the content in the plain text editor.

The Aquarium Wiki has a small group of Wiki Gardeners that moderate the article pages to ensure that only the best and most accurate information is shown and that sources have been provided.

Extensions used[edit]

Semantic MediaWiki Used to capture data for in each article.
Extension "Page Forms" Makes the capturing of the data more user friendly.