Whealton Family Genealogy

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Whealton Family Genealogy
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This website is no longer existing.
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Whealton Family Genealogy is a wiki holding genealogy information on the Whealton family in the United States.

There is a main form, "Person", for entering information about individuals; this form includes fields for Name, Gender, Spouse, Father, Mother, Descendents, Ancestors, Siblings, Children, Photo, Web pages and Biography. There is also a form for entering marriage information.

Whealton Family Genealogy is still at an early release. It is planned to eventually make the data available as RDF that can be queried elsewhere.

The Person form

Extensions used[edit]

Along with Semantic MediaWiki, other MediaWiki extensions used are Semantic Forms, Widgets, Maps, and ParserFunctions.

Vocabulary terms used[edit]

Whealton Family Genealogy makes use of the following vocabularies:

  • FOAF
  • BIO: A vocabulary for biographical Information
  • REL: A vocabulary for describing relationships between people

These are defined in the wiki as external vocabularies, and related to existing properties in the wiki. The following properties from those vocabularies are used:

  1. foaf:Person
  2. bio:Father
  3. bio:Mother
  4. bio:Partner
  5. bio:place
  6. dc:date
  7. foaf:firstName
  8. foaf:lastName
  9. foaf:gender
  10. foaf:page
  11. rdfs:seeAlso
  12. rel:ancestorOf
  13. rel:descendentOf
  14. rel:grandchildOf
  15. rel:parentOf
  16. rel:siblingOf
  17. rel:spouseOf