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WikiDeb is a collaborative website that provides information on the proposals and statements in debate, maps the opinions and positions of multiple actors, and identifies discussions on a theme or actor.

What is WikiDeb?[edit]

WikiDeb is a site focused on collective action. Everyday proposals for collective action are developed locally, nationally or internationally. They are addressed to public authorities, responsible business or association or communities of professionals or citizens.

WikiDeb can quickly view the "pros" and "cons" as well as an actor's "pros" and "cons". Any argument mobilized in favor or against a proposal may in turn lead to a form where the foundations are discussed and the relevance of this argument.

User Community[edit]

Anyone with an account can create forms and edit content. The editors are not necessarily those who made the proposals, or whom have taken a position or deposited the evidence. WikiDeb is an open discussion for all of the countries and sectors. It promotes the networking of debate and circulation of proposals and arguments.


WikiDeb has two main types of cards (proposal cards and arguments sheets). Each of these two categories has the same structure and is made from a standard form.

Why WikiDeb?[edit]

WikiDeb Theme form

In a page, you can view the argument mobilized by the Supporters or Opponents of a proposal. Not only can you read the discussions on a proposal, but users also get an in-depth view of the arguments and those cards relating to each of argument mobilized.

WikiDeb allows you to present your proposals and arguments or to pay the discussion of reports of your studies, statistics, reports, etc. These syntheses can refer to the complete documents. In addition, WikiDeb lets you know the positions of the various actors and argument as they mobilize, assess their strengths and weaknesses, and you enter argument the most robust to support your proposals.

WikiDeb Proposal form


Extension "Page Forms" and Extension "Semantic Forms Inputs"
Provides a way to share and develop proposals and affirmations structured and interlinked sheets without knowledge of MediaWiki syntax.
Extension "Semantic Result Formats"
Extension "Semantic Compound Queries"
Extension "Maps" and Extension "Maps"
Extension "Semantic Image Input"
Extension "Semantic Watchlist"
Extension "Semantic Tasks"
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